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Artist: Gucci Mane
Album:  The State vs. Radric Davis
Song:   Heavy
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Gucci! (Gucci!)
Whassup Corey?
Back in the trap!
Heavy, real heavy, it's so heavy
Heavy, real heavy... Gucci!
Gucci, Gucci, Gucci

[Chorus: Gucci Mane]
Heavy, real heavy, it feels heavy
Somebody help me, my neck hurt, my chain heavy
Heavy, dough heavy, flow heavy
Gucci bag full of cash, it's so heavy
Listen, I cain't let it, I go get it
My ego gettin too big, it's too heavy
My head gettin too big, it's so heavy
Somebody help me, pick up this cash it's too heavy

[Gucci Mane]
My bitch say everytime she look up I'm about to do a cook up 
I told he if she know like I know she will shut the fuck up
Introduced cola to soda and I said y'all need to hook up
I pimp that white girl like a motherfuckin hooker
I took three hundred out my stash and I went and bought a Phantom
I need some toilet paper, I'm the shit in East Atlanta
On a ninety day tour, so my niggaz really miss me
I couldn't kick it with them so I took my whole hood with me
And I just got out of jail yeah they tried to Michael Vick me
I gave my lawyer half a mill' and told him come and get me
I'm not wit G-Unit, but this drum here cost me 50
This chain another fifty plus a hundred on you snitches

[Gucci Mane]
I'm so confused, don't have a clue, man what to do
Should I rob him, or should I serve him? You know the rules
I keep +Miami Heat+, got more straps then a gun show
Run up on the kid, I have you +Mourning+ like +Alonzo+
Try me if you want to, I send my shooters pronto
I know you die, but hell or heaven, don't know where you gonna go
Run up on me wrong, try your luck, cause I don't think so
This fo'-fo' that I tote'll leave a hole size of a pothole
Yeah I got amigo, but they don't bring me taco
Only bring me kilos, but keep that on the d-low
I'm getting my tip fade cut, boulder crest and flat show
Wish a nigga would run up on me like I'm Brisco


[Gucci Mane]
I'm wearin half-a-mill, hundred pack, and I ain't even finished
I'm rentin this deuplex in the 6, I only use the kitchen
I'm the same with my grinder post, yeah I got big bags of smoke
You fuck niggaz don't call my phone unless you wanna buy some 'dro
I got birds like Atlanta zoo - bitch who are you?!
I got goons like a scary movie, yeah that is true
And I change cars like a rich white girl change shoes
Gotta go, go gettin the money, little cous' want a deuce
And I was holdin another thirty-two, 2002, you know it's true
Bought 'em a sun valley Jacob, me and Juice, you know the crew
I got money stacked from last June and I still ain't spent old bread
If you want I gladly pour some change on your own head