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Abbreviations Key:
* COTO: Change of Typist Only
* MUNR: Minor Update, No Rewrite
* MTNL: Moved to New Location
* TRRO: Typist Revision Replaced Original

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Date Change Lyric
04.07.12 MUNR Ice-T: Outro
04.07.12 TRRO Body Count: Cop Killer
04.07.12 TRRO Ice-T: Bitches 2
04.07.12 TRRO Professor Green: I Need You Tonight
04.07.12 MUNR Joell Ortiz: So Hard
04.07.12 MUNR Makaveli (2Pac): Hold Ya Head
04.07.12 TRRO Dan-e-o: Serial Killer
04.07.12 MTNL Black Knights: Next Up
04.07.12 MTNL Black Knights: Only 4 My Niggas
04.07.12 MTNL Black Knights: Bloody Samurai
04.07.12 MTNL Black Knights: Kill Kill Kill
04.07.12 MTNL Kendrick Lamar: Ignorance Is Bliss
04.07.12 MTNL Kendrick Lamar: I Do This (Remix)
04.07.12 TRRO Icon the Mic King: Substance Abuse
04.07.12 MUNR Jay Rock: Hood Gone Love It
04.07.12 MUNR BJ the Chicago Kid: His Pain II
04.07.12 MUNR Luniz: 5150
04.07.12 TRRO Busta Rhymes: Why Stop Now
04.07.12 TRRO Maino: That Could Be Us
04.07.12 MUNR King Tee: Played Like a Piano
04.07.12 COTO OutKast: High Schoolin'
04.07.12 MTNL JoJo Pellegrino: Ba Da Bing...
04.07.12 MTNL JoJo Pellegrino: Recanize
04.07.12 MTNL 9th Prince: Dark Room
04.07.12 MTNL 9th Prince: Don't Front
04.07.12 MTNL 9th Prince: Down South
04.07.12 MTNL 9th Prince: Gotta Get This Money
04.07.12 MTNL 9th Prince: Killa Machinez
04.07.12 MTNL 9th Prince: Outstanding
04.07.12 MTNL 9th Prince: Street Gems
04.07.12 MTNL 9th Prince: Top Secret
04.07.12 MTNL 9th Prince: You Ain't Hear
04.07.12 MTNL Royce Da 5'9": Take His Life
04.07.12 MTNL Royce Da 5'9": Scary Movies (Sequel)
04.07.12 MTNL Royce Da 5'9": I Won't Be
04.07.12 MTNL Royce Da 5'9": It's Over
04.07.12 MTNL Royce Da 5'9": Nuttin' to Do
04.07.12 MTNL Masta Killa: The Day After
04.07.12 MTNL Masta Killa: Shaolin Temple
04.07.12 MUNR Kendrick Lamar: Rare Breed
04.07.12 MUNR Ultra MC's: Bring it Down to Earth
04.07.12 MUNR Evidence: You
04.07.12 MUNR Sylk-E. Fyne: Romeo & Juliet
04.07.12 MUNR Gucci Mane: Lemonade
04.07.12 MTNL Ice-T: Ricochet
04.21.12 MTNL Bumpy Knuckles: The Gang Starr Bus
04.21.12 MUNR Kendrick Lamar: Rapper Shit
04.21.12 TRRO Kendrick Lamar: Cartoon & Cereal
04.21.12 TRRO Kendrick Lamar: The Heart Pt. 2
04.21.12 MUNR BJ the C.K.: The World Is a Ghetto
04.21.12 MUNR Kendrick Lamar: Faith
04.21.12 MUNR Kendrick Lamar: Look Out For Detox
04.21.12 TRRO Kendrick Lamar: I Do This (Remix)
04.21.12 MTNL Ice-T: Depths of Hell
04.21.12 MUNR Eazy-E: Boyz-N-The-Hood (Remix)
04.21.12 TRRO Mobb Deep: Apostle's Warning
04.21.12 MUNR Big K.R.I.T.: I Gotta Stay
04.21.12 MUNR Big K.R.I.T.: As Small as a Giant
04.21.12 MUNR Big K.R.I.T.: Gumpshun
04.21.12 MUNR Big K.R.I.T.: 5:04 AM
04.29.12 MTNL Nicki Minaj: Turn Me On
04.29.12 MTNL Future: Magic (Remix)
04.29.12 MTNL Travis Porter: Ayy Ladies
04.29.12 MTNL Nas: The Don
04.29.12 MUNR Nicki Minaj: Champion
04.29.12 MUNR Kendrick Lamar: Michael Jordan
04.29.12 TRRO Goodie Mob: Decisions, Decisions
04.29.12 TRRO Professor Elemental: Splendid
04.29.12 MTNL Snoop & Wiz: Young, Wild & Free
04.29.12 MTNL Kirko Bangz: Drank in My Cup