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Artist: Ja Rule f/ Ashanti
Album:  R.U.L.E.
Song:   Never Thought
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[Intro - Ashanti] (Ja Rule talking)
I never thought, that I'd be, without you (let me talk to you for a minute)
why me? why me?
I never thought, that I'd be, without you why me? why me?

[Chorus - Ashanti] + (Ja Rule)
I never thought (that you would fall in love with the sight of me first)
That I'd be (intrigued with the thought of the of "The Gift and The Curse")
Without You (and now your heart broken is makin it worse)
Why Me? (Why Me?)
I never thought (that you would be involved with a nigga like I)
That I'd Be (scared to look passion right in its eyes)
Without You (and when you found love it was nothing but lies)
Why Me? (Why?)
I Never Thought

[Ja Rule]
What the fuck is your hobby mami? highway robbery?
Cause you got enough jewelry on your body to buy a Ferarri
I'm like +Ruben+ "I'm Sorry" but I don't +Studdard+
Matter call me Frank love cause I'll let her fuck ya
She said "slow baby don't rush, I promise if you be patient
I'll let you tear it up" and nigga sho nuff
We decided to keep in touch with each other you feel me?
I didn't know that me touchin would lead to her catchin feelings
I'm serious and I'm so sincere, my object is to stay in the clear
Cause we find, fuck, then flee, these broads 'round here
I done made so many women shed so many tears
Sittin home all alone gettin drunk off of shots of Patron
Decided to call, let her feelings be known in a slurred tone
She said "I always get what I want and all I want is you"
But I don't get it cause


[Ja Rule]
Girl our situation is getting a little out of my hands
You calling me constant tellin bitches that I'm your man
I thought we was just friends conversating
Getting to know one another on a friendly basis
Lets face it, we from two different worlds that don't collide
But when they do the crash is small like a facade
Your favorite season is Beghotti and mine is Summer
You use credit I rubberband wrap my hundreds
We got in common is minumum right next to nothing
And I think thats what subliminally keeping you coming
Back to the one you been fuckin but never thought you'd be fuckin
How often do you think about akwardness of it?
I know you love it to say the least and I ain't just sayin
That contrary to some beliefs I possess a track
And my track record is something to be expected
Money, Cash, Hoes you know how it goes


[Ja Rule]
Who would've thought that somethin so simple
Would turn out to be detrimental
Now I'm feelin like I'm caught in the middle
of this love triangle, between she, me and reality
And reality is tellin us that we could never be
Cause I come from the streets and you come from a rich family
But I don't think that yo' family would understand me
It's just them little things you overlook when you around me
Drugs, guns, bitches and needless to say
You're a pimp in your own way, baby you're makin it hard
For me to look you in your eyes and tell you to move on
I'm hone (I'm hone) but then I'm back again
Money and good pussy is a +Fatal Attraction+ for me
She hits me everynight quarter past 10
And with every call her voice got a little more tense
Now we involved, and it really don't make no sense
So be careful what you ask for you just might get it