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Artist: Kendrick Lamar
Album:  Peter Rosenberg Presents: What's Poppin' Volume 1 (Compilation)
Song:   My Mind Drifts
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[Kendrick Lamar]
As my mind drifts and then split, like the middle of a spliff
I begin to catapult off the cliff
of the unknown, I've got a feeling in my funny bone
that we're not the same, just antonyms of another age
My soul flock with the carefree words of the wise
I +spoke+ a hundred times like a gold D
Ha-ha, L-M-F-A-O
I hate y'all but I spread love like mayo, then spread slugs
My brain matter is a brain fatter
See my vision or my vision will stare at ya
This is the future if I say so, you copping fitted caps
I'm bout to go and cop a halo, the God of rap
and I mean it, I play football with Mars
and marbles with Pluto and Venus, witness the genius
I interact with the inner-city villains
that will enter your system like a computer hack, then give you dap