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Artist: Kool Keith
Album:  The Legend of Tashan Dorrsett
Song:   Black Lagoon (Domingo Remix)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Tashan Dorrsett {*echoes*}

[Kool Keith]
Some say I used to use witchcraft
Reports say I've been to Bellevue, sources read
I practice voodoo, tell me assholes
what you assume is true
Investigate all myths 'til you turn blue
The haunted pages you turn to
The New York City vampire bat to fly neighbors
wanna know what Dracula do
Bite the neck of the horse in the Bronx Zoo
Nights are creepy when I walk through
All resume when I face the full moon
I howl with wolves (aroo) a golden robe, made in June
African doctors talk and meet me in my room
Fog on the 1 train, the fossils of the Black Lagoon
Listen to {?} whom, castin spells in Manhattan
Burn your medicine at night with my magic broom
Eyes behind my head scientific chemicals
Girls pray to third room, with perfume
Operation wild palm reader with Western Union checks
Sippin scotch with Actifed

[Chorus: repeat 3X]
Allergies and salaries
I don't need a ambulance to take me to the hospital

[Kool Keith]
You won't stop the night walker with oil lamps on Broadway
Black london fog coats in the broad day
These red and white Nikes, two shopping bags from Dr. J
Baseball card collecter
I trade you Alex Rodriguez for Willie Mays
Women move out my way, on they Stay Free days
Even if the Mets ain't there I'm still going to hang out at Shea
while you touch the record, and let your JVC play
The feds think I sell human bones on eBay
when you stuck on the Westside highway


[Kool Keith]
Allergies, and salaries {*2X*}
Cold medicine, Vicks

[Chorus] - to fade