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Artist: ScHoolboy Q
Album:  Setbacks
Song:   Figg Get Da Money
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[ScHoolboy Q]
The flow is in the pocket like wallets, I got the bounce like hydraulics
I can't call it, I got the swerve like alco-, fuck that!
Figg get the money, shooting dice, what they hitting for?
Hookers out to sell their pussy, money trade for intercourse
Every corner, liquor store, laundromat, liquor store
Laundromat, liquor store, EBT accepted more
Churches 'cross from motels, Lord knows pussy sells
Churches 'cross from motels, Lord knows pussy sells
Domino's, Pizza Huts
Colt 45 cans, the old heads drunk enough
Dollar after dollar on lottery, that shit be adding up
Schizos from Vietnam, better yet, the drug era, that used to be a ball player
See how things evolved later
Four Lokos for the young locos, niggas cashing my check for white tees
Don't fuck with Melrose, just Metros-PCSs
You get the message, good investments in my direction

Figg get the money, yeah {*4X*}
Rain, sleet, snow, turn July to December, yeah
Figg get the money, yeah {*6X*}
Springtime, fall, turn summer to a winter, yeah
Figg get the money, yeah {*2X*}

[ScHoolboy Q]
Uh, it's midnight, where the bitches at?
See a hoe, pimp a hoe, put her on the track
Pulled in the gas station, hiding from the white and black
They gotta make a living, so they put us on our back
But why they gotta judge us when we do it back?
Mickey D's and Burger King still make sure that my daughter fat
Close to Christmas or November, best believe I got a jack
Been coming to this store for years, the cops come hound me bout a snack
But thanks Miss Han, Jackie Chan, Sake bomb
on any Catholic, differ-ant, Wolverine like Michigan
Hoover Street know what it be
Hanging in front of the laundromat till two or three, with like two or three
Uh, everyone asleep, so shall we creep?
Money to gain up in them streets, shall I preach upon this beat?
Puffy ain't got shit on me, better yet this L.A. heat
Figueroa, Figg Side, money block

[Chorus 2X]

[ScHoolboy Q]
Uh, Jehovah coming, let me close the blinds
So I can get high, nigga, free my mind
Write my niggas doing hella years past time
Gardeners got it cracking, cracking at the crack of dawn
Ice cream truck stop for my mom, but me? He won't respond
Gotta read between the lines, best believe I'm off of crime
This must be the longest line, where they cook it worse than swine
Lying on their letter sign, but hurry cause they close at nine
But Pisces got it jumping at the taco stand
Rapping/wrapping on them corners AM-PM like the Taliban
Camping out, your daddy selling money, he can understand
Blizzard riding through the hood, junkies love the avalanche
Uh, homeless person gotta shuffle cans
Take 'em up to the recycle bin, take his bread to the candyman
But still he eat, tell me if that ain't hustling
Rain, sleet, snow, hail and uh, shit, uh, Hell

[Chorus 2X]