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Mystic Stylez || Live By Yo Rep (B.O.N.E. Dis) || The End
Chapter 2: World Domination || Tear Da Club Up Thugs: CrazyNDaLazDayz
Underground, Vol. 1: 1991-1994 || Underground, Vol. 2: Club Memphis
Koopsta Knicca: Da Devil's Playground || Three 6: Hypnotize Camp Posse
When the Smoke Clears || Underground, Vol. 3: Kings of Memphis
Choices: The Album || DJ Paul: Underground Vol. 16 - For Da Summa
Juicy J: Chronicles of the Juice Man || Da Unbreakables || Choices 2: The Setup
Most Known Unknown || Most Known Hits || Last 2 Walk
DJ Paul: Scale-A-Ton || Juicy J: Blue Dream & Lean
Blue Dream & Lean Bonus Tracks || Stay Trippy
Remix/B-Side/Soundtrack || Miscellaneous

Three 6 Mafia - Mystic Stylez (May 1995) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Da Beginning
2 Break Da Law '95
3 Da Summa
4 Live By Yo Rep (B.O.N.E. Dis)
5 In Da Game
6 Now I'm High Pt. 3
7 Long Nite
8 Sweet Robbery
9 Back Against the Wall
10 F---in' Wit Dis Click
11 All or Nothin'
12 Gotta Touch 'Em, Pt. 2
13 Tear Da Club Up
14 Big Bizness
15 Mystic Stylez
16 Porno Movie

Three 6 Mafia - Live By Yo Rep (B.O.N.E. Dis) (Dec. 1995)
Track Lyrics
1 A New Nitemare
2 Triple 6 Mafia
3 Throw Yo Setts in Da Air
4 Slippin
5 Be a Witness
6 Live By Yo Rep (Radio)
7 Live By Yo Rep (Screwed)
8 Tear Da Club Up (Da Real)

Three 6 Mafia - The End (Dec. 1996) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Our Arrival
2 Stomp
3 Money Flow
4 Late Night Tip
5 Gotcha Shakin'
6 I Ain't Goin'
7 Good Stuff
8 Walk Up 2 Yo House
9 In-2-Deep
10 Last Man Standing
11 Destruction Terror
12 Body Parts
13 Where's Da Bud
14 Gette'm Crunk
15 Where Da Killaz Hang
16 The End
17 Life or Death

Three 6 Mafia - Chapter 2: World Domination (Oct. 1997)
Track Lyrics
1 We Are Waiting
2 Studio Time
3 Will Blast
4 Hit a Muthaf---a
5 Are You Ready 4 Us
6 Prophet Posse
7 Motivated
8 I Ain't Cha Friend
9 Watcha Do
10 Spill My Blood
11 Who Got Dem 9's
12 Gunclaps
13 3-6 in the Morning
14 Tear Da Club Up '97
15 Late Nite Tip
16 Body Parts 2
17 Flashes
18 Neighborhood Hoe
19 N 2 Deep
20 Anyone Out There
21 Land of the Lost
22 Weed is Got Me High

Tear Da Club Up Thugs - CrazyNDaLazDayz (Feb. 1999) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 DaLazDayz
2 Who the Crunkest
3 Smoked Out
4 I'm Losin' It
5 Throw Your Sets Up
6 Undercover Freaks
7 Wet Party
8 Elbow a Nigga
9 Hell Naw
10 Get Buck, Get Wild
11 On Da Block
12 What You Lookin' For
13 Paper Chase
14 Hypnotize Cash Money
15 When God Calls Time Out
16 Big Business
17 When It's on It's Murder
18 Push 'Em Off
19 Slob on My Knob
20 All Dirty Hoes
21 Triple Six Clubhouse
22 A Niggas Worst Downfall
23 Hypnotize Minds/Profit Posse
24 Comin' Up Next
* Mind State

Three 6 Mafia - Underground, Vol. 1: 1991-1994 (Mar. 1999)
Track Lyrics
1 Ridin' in the Chevy
2 Niggaz Ain't Barin' Dat
3 Charging These Hoe
4 Now I'm High, Really High
5 Sucks on Dick
6 Playa Hataz
7 Paul with Da 45
8 Where's Da Bud
9 Mask and Da Glock
10 Don't Be Scared
11 Time for Da Juice Mane
12 Walk Up to Your House
13 Yeah, They Done F---ed Up
14 Talk Ya Ass Off
15 F--- All Dem Hoes

Three 6 Mafia - Underground, Vol. 2: Club Memphis (Aug. 1999)
Track Lyrics
1 Y'all Ready for This
2 Half on a Sack or Blow
3 Suck a Nigga's Dick Pt. II
4 Lick My Nuts
5 Funkytown
6 F--- Dat Nigga
7 Blow a Nigga's Ass Off
8 Liquor and Dat Bud
9 F--- Dat S---
10 Beat Down
11 Droppin' Dat Dirt
12 No I'm Not Dat Nigga
13 Nine to Yo Dome
14 South Memphis Representin'
15 Get Buck Muthaf---a (Original)
16 Long and Hard (Original)
17 Tear Da Club Up (Original)
18 North Memphis Area
19 Slob on My Knob (Pt. II)

Koopsta Knicca - Da Devil's Playground (Oct. 1999) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Torture Chamber
2 Crucifix
3 Ready 2 Ride
4 Robbers
5 Smoking on a J
6 Stash Spot
7 Front a Busta
8 Judgement Nite
9 Bustaz Betta Make Way
10 Anna Got Me Clickin'
11 Now I'm Hi, Pt. 2
12 Purple Thang
13 Stash Spot (Remix)
14 What'cha Gonna Do?
15 Talkin'

Three 6 Mafia Presents: Hypnotize Camp Posse (Jan. 2000)
Track Lyrics
1 Rinky Dink Records (Skit)
2 We 'Bout to Ride
3 Drive By
4 Azz & Tittiez
5 Die a Soldier
6 We Ain't Playin'
7 Fie it on Up
8 Big Mouth, Big Talk
9 What's Going On (Skit)
10 D-Suckin'-H
11 Don't Make Me Kill
12 Don't Trust 'Em
13 Who Run It
14 Project Hoes
15 Da First Date
16 Hoes Can Be Like Niggas
17 Outro (Skit)

Three 6 Mafia - When the Smoke Clears: Sixty 6, Sixty 1 (Apr. 2000)
Track Lyrics
1 Intro
2 44 Killers
3 Sippin' on Some Syrup
4 Weak Azz B***h
5 Just Like Us
6 I'm So Hi
7 Mafia Niggaz
8 Hook Up w/ Hoes
9 From Da Back
10 F--- Y'all Hoes
11 Where Da Cheese At
12 Tongue Ring
13 Barrin' You B***hes
14 Whatcha Know
15 Act Like You Know Me
16 Take a Bump
17 Touched Wit It
18 M.E.M.P.H.I.S.
19 Just Anotha Crazy Click
20 Who Run It
21 Put Ya Signs
22 What's Next (Outro)

Three 6 Mafia - Underground, Vol. 3: Kings of Memphis (Oct. 2000)
Track Lyrics
1 Talkin
2 F--- What U Heard
3 M.E.M.P.H.I.S. (Remix)
4 Da Summa (Remix)
5 Smokin on Da Dro
6 Powder (The Higher Version)
7 Grab the Gauge
8 Wonabees
9 Lock Down
10 Jealous Azz B***h
11 Niggaz Down 2 Make Some Endz
12 South Memphis B***h
13 Pass That Junt
14 Love to Make a Stang
15 Sleep
16 Mindstate

Three 6 Mafia - Choices: The Album (Aug. 2001) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 2-Way Freak
2 The Restaurant Scene (Skit)
3 Mafia
4 Baby Mama
5 Gangsta Niggaz
6 Wona Get Some, I Got Some
7 1st Crime Scene (Skit)
8 O.V.
9 U Got Da Game Wrong
10 We Shootin' 1st
11 Dis B***h, Dat Hoe
12 Pass Me
13 Big Pat's Warehouse (Skit)
14 They Don't F--- Wit U
15 Slang & Serve
16 War Wit Us
17 Mean Mug
18 How it Went Down (Skit)
19 I Ain't Goin (A Hustler's Theme)
20 Ridin' on Chrome
21 Talkin'

DJ Paul - Underground Vol. 16: For Da Summa (May 2002)
Track Lyrics
1 Back Da F--- Back
2 Still Gettin My Dick Suck
3 Kickin in Doe/I Think They Scared
4 Cyoazzndalot
5 Break Da Law
6 Flaugin Azz Niggas/B***hes
7 Glock in My Draws
8 Where is Da Bud Pt. 2
9 Beat Down Intro
10 Beatin These Hoes Down
11 Twist It, Hit It, Lite It
12 D.J. Paul
13 King of Kings
14 Outro

Juicy J - Chronicles of the Juice Man (July 2002) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Pimptro
2 North, North, Pt. 2
3 Who Da Buckest
4 Gimme Head
5 Pimp Talk
6 Like a Pimp
7 Killa Klan
8 Smoke Dat Weed
9 Buck Gangsta Beat
10 Mafia Niggaz
11 Name it After Me
12 Gimme Sum
13 Soldiers from the Northside
14 Dick Suckin' Hoez
* Raise Ya Thumbs Up

Three 6 Mafia - Da Unbreakables (Jul. 2003) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 They Bout to Find Yo Body
2 F--- That S---
3 Wolf Wolf
4 Testin My Gangsta
5 Bin Laden
6 Ridin Spinners
7 Try Somethin
8 Money Didn't Change Me
9 Ghetto Chick
10 Shake Dat Jelly
11 Let's Start a Riot
12 Rainbow Colors
13 Like a Pimp (Remix)
14 Beatem to Da Floor
15 Put Cha D. in Her Mouth
16 Mosh Pit
17 You Scared Part II
18 Dangerous Posse
19 Outro

Three 6 Mafia - Choices 2: The Setup (Mar. 2005) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Intro
2 Who Da F--- You Playin' Wit?
3 Yeah I Rob
4 P.I.M.P.
5 Skit
6 It's Whateva Wit Us
7 Pass Dat S---
8 Squeeze It
9 Official Crunk Junt
10 Who I Is
11 Skit 2
12 Shoot Up Da Club
13 Stanky Stanky
14 One Hitta Quitta
15 Gettin Real Buck
16 I Sho Will (Intro)
17 I Sho Will (Remix)
18 Skit 3
19 Posse Song
20 Outro

Three 6 Mafia - Most Known Unknown (Sept. 2005) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Most Known Unknown Hits
2 Stay Fly
3 Roll With It
4 Don't Violate
5 Swervin'
6 Knock Tha Black Off Yo Ass
7 Poppin' My Collar
8 Hard Hittaz
9 Side 2 Side
10 Half on a Sack
11 Skit
12 When I Pull Up at the Club
13 Pussy Got Ya Hooked
14 Don't Cha Get Mad
15 Body Parts 3
16 Stay Fly (Still Fly Remix)
17 Outro
* DVD Got it 4 Sale
* DVD Let's Plan a Robbery
* DVD Dancin' on a Pole
* DVD Ain't Got Time for Gamez

Three 6 Mafia - Most Known Hits (Nov. 2005) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
5 Slob on My Nob
9 Hypnotize Cash Money
16 Let Me Hit That
17 Don't Turn Around

Three 6 Mafia - Last 2 Walk (2008) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Intro
2 I Told 'Em
3 Trap Boom
4 Playstation
5 I Got
6 I'd Rather
7 That's Right
8 Corner Man
9 Weed, Blow, Pills
10 DSX Talk
11 Hood Star
12 Get Ya Rob
13 On Some Chrome
14 Rollin'
15 Click Bang
16 My Own Way
17 Dirty B***h
18 First 48
19 Outro
20 Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body) Intro
21 Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body)
22 My Own Way (Remix)

DJ Paul - Scale-A-Ton (2009) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Get Right
2 You On't Want It
3 Doin All Da Doin
4 Stay Wit Me
5 Jus Like Dat???
6 I Spoils
7 She Wanta Get High
8 Walk Like a Stripper
9 Liquor &: Powder
10 Jook
11 Bumpin
12 Pop a Pill
13 F---boy
14 Wanta Be Like You
15 Gotta Eat
16 Don't Get Up On Me
17 I'ma Outlaw
18 Internet Whore
19 I'm Drunk
20 I'm Alive

Juicy J - Blue Dream & Lean (2011) (DP)
Track Lyrics
1 Intro
2 Drugged Out
3 Juicy J Can't
4 Errbody Wave
5 Riley
6 Big Bank
7 Get Higher
8 Geeked Up on Them Bars
9 Lucky Charm
10 Oh Well Remix
11 Trippy Nation Interlude
12 Ain't Allowed Where I'm From
13 Got a New One
14 She Dancin
15 This B***h By My Side
16 Cash Interlude
17 You Want Deez Rackz
18 Zip and a Double Cup Remix
19 U Trippy Mane
20 Gotta Stay Strapped
21 I Don't Play With Guns
22 Stoners Night 2
23 Been Gettin Money
24 Real Hustlers Don't Sleep
25 Deez B***hes Rollin
26 Outro
27 Countin' Faces
28 Flood Out the Club

Juicy J - Blue Dream & Lean Bonus Tracks (May 2012) (DP)
Track Lyrics
1 Zig Zags
2 Bandz a Make Her Dance
3 Codeine Cups
4 Deep in Da Hood
5 Hell of a Drug
6 I Won't Miss Ya
7 I'm Ballin
8 It's in Me to Hustle
9 Money Mane Remix
10 These Hands

Juicy J - Stay Trippy (Aug. 2013) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Stop It
2 Smokin' Rollin'
3 No Heart No Love
4 So Much Money
5 Bounce It
6 Wax
7 Gun Plus a Mask
8 Smoke a Nigga
9 Show Out
10 The Woods
11 Money a Do It
12 Talkin' Bout
13 All I Blow Is Loud
14 Bandz a Make Her Dance
15 Scholarship
16 If I Ain't
17* One Thousand
18* Having Sex
19* One of Those Nights

Lyrics Album
Beautiful Ones Beautiful Ones (S)
All I Need Blue Dream & Lean 2 *
Already Blue Dream & Lean 2 *
Anybody Blue Dream & Lean 2 *
Deep Down South Blue Dream & Lean 2 *
Do It to Em Blue Dream & Lean 2 *
Don't Blue Dream & Lean 2 *
Smoked Out Dabbed Out Blue Dream & Lean 2 *
Throw Dem Racks Blue Dream & Lean 2 *
F.I.G.H.T. Creed II: The Album
Stupid High Cut Throat Mix Tape
Doe Boy Fre$h Doe Boy Fre$h 12"
Whatever Makes You Happy Empire Soundtrack
Rich Nigga S--- For I Have Sinned *
30 Inches Hustle Till I Die
Fiyayaya Weed Hustle Till I Die
In the Ghetto Last 2 Walk *
Like Money Last 2 Walk *
What Cha Starin At Last 2 Walk *
Late Night Tip (Remix) Late Night Tip 12"
Feel It Laws of Power *
Lil Freak (Ugh, Ugh, Ugh) Laws of Power *
Shake My Laws of Power *
Side 2 Side (Remix) Most Known Unknown (Re-Issue)
Poppin My Collar (Remix) Poppin My Collar (Remix) 12"
Low Pure THC: The Hustle Continues
Armageddon Realest Niggaz Down South
It's a Fight Rocky Balboa: The Best of Rocky
Pimpin and Robbin Triple Six Mafia (Underground)
Some Bodies Gonna Get It WWE: Wreckless Intent

Lyrics Artist
Closing the Club 112
Whatever 5th Ward Weebie
Geek'n Ace Hood
Self Made Akon
Yamborghini High A$AP Mob
Multiply A$AP Rocky
Wavybone A$AP Rocky
Piss Test A-Trak
Piss Test (Remix) A-Trak
Shine Blockas (Remix) Big Boi
Experimental Big Sean
MILF Big Sean
We Still in This B***h B.o.B
Freaky Before Ca$h Out
Total Cory Gunz
2 Bogus Crucial Conflict
Memphis Crunchy Black
Three 60 Curren$y
Get the F--- Out My Face Da Headbussaz
Gone Be Sum S--- Da Headbussaz
Headbussaz Da Headbussaz
Ruffest Niggaz Out Da Headbussaz
That's How it Happen To'm Da Headbussaz
U See We Poe Da Headbussaz
Where They Hang Da Headbussaz
Don't Play With Me Dem Franchize Boyz
Double Cup DJ Infamous
Who Gives a F--- Where You From DJ KaySlay
Turn Down For What (Remix) DJ Snake
My Type of Party (Remix) Dom Kennedy
The Life Don Trip
Chitty Bang E-40
Cruizin Eightball & MJG
She Bad Bad (Remix) Eve
Flickin Frayser Boy
H.C.P. Frayser Boy
Nan Notha Frayser Boy
Pistol Playa Frayser Boy
Young Niggaz Frayser Boy
I'm Trippin' Future
S#%! (Remix) Future
Super Throwed The Game
Tire Shop Gangsta Blac
Where I Dwell Gangsta Blac
Be Real Gangsta Boo
Don't Stand So Close Gangsta Boo
Don't Stand So Close 2001 Gangsta Boo
F--- You Gangsta Boo
Good & Hi Gangsta Boo
I Faked It Gangsta Boo
M-Town Representatives Gangsta Boo
Where Dem Dollas At Gangsta Boo
Who We Be Gangsta Boo
Thinking With My #%@! Kevin Gates
Hennessey & Hydro I-20
Let's Get It Icewater
Flexin Finessin Iggy Azalea
Break Da Law '98 Indo G
Last Day Joe Budden
Hard Not to Kill The Kaze
Move Muthaf---a The Kaze
Niggas Got Me F---ed Up The Kaze
My Hoes They Do Drugs King Louie
2000 Rapdope Game Kingpin Skinny Pimp
All About Them Prophets Kingpin Skinny Pimp
Ghetto Ballin' La Chat
Wolf Pack La Chat
You Ain't Mad Iz Ya? La Chat
For the Low Pt. 2 Lil Bibby
Montana Lil Bibby
3, 2, 1, GO! Lil' Flip
Represent Lil' Flip
Act a Fool Lil Jon
Move B***h Lil Jon
Trap Jumpin Lil Pump/td>
Welcome to the Party (Remix) Lil Pump/td>
Trippy Lil Wayne
Bye to the Bad Guy Lil Wyte
Get High to This Lil Wyte
I Did 'Em Wrong Lil Wyte
Players in Da Atmosphere Lil Wyte
Posse Song Lil Wyte
U.S. Soldier Boy Lil Wyte
Ink Blot Logic
Go 2 Sleep Ludacris
Still Here Lyfe Jennings
Lolly Maejor Ali
Break the Law Mac Miller
Lucky Ass B***h Mac Miller
Simon Says Megan Thee Stallion
23 Mike WiLL Made-It
Legendary Mobb Deep
What They Do Mr. Serv-On
She Knows Ne-Yo
I'm a Playa Paul Wall
Jackie Tan PeeWee Longway
Dark Horse Katy Perry
Drive You Crazy Pitbull
A1's Project Pat
Ballers Project Pat
Be a G Project Pat
Been Gettin' Money Project Pat
Break Da Law 2001 Project Pat
Bye Bye Project Pat
Chickenheads Project Pat
Deep in the Hood Project Pat
Don't Save Her Project Pat
Don't Save Her (Video/Radio Remix) Project Pat
Favorite Scary Movie Project Pat
F--- a B***h Project Pat
F---in Wit the Best Project Pat
Gettin Cash Project Pat
Gold Shine Project Pat
Good Googly Moogly Project Pat
If You Ain't From My Hood Project Pat
I.T. Pimpin Project Pat
North, North Part 2 Project Pat
Kelly Green Project Pat
Posse Song Project Pat
Puttin Hoez on Da House Project Pat
Ridin' Clean Project Pat
Show Dem Golds Project Pat
Shut Ya Mouth, B***h Project Pat
U Know Where I'm at Boy Project Pat
Whatever Project Pat
After Dark Prophet Posse
Favorite Scary Movie Prophet Posse
Notha Nigga Car/Clothes Prophet Posse
Gucci Said (Remix) Que
No Flex Zone (Remix) Rae Sreummud
Powerglide Rae Sreummud
Shake It Fast Rae Sreummud
Pour It Up Rihanna
Pour It Up (Remix) Rihanna
Show Ya Pussy R. Kelly
Smokin' On Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa
Demons Tech N9ne
Chop Me Up Justin Timberlake
Energy Tinashe
Make That S--t Work T-Pain
Cadillac Trae
Wasted Travi$ Scott
Late Night Trey Songz
Where Itz Goin Down Twiztid
Dead Presidents Ty Dolla $ign
Mack Down Tyga
International Players Anthem (Remix) UGK
Like a Pimp UGK
Chulin Culin Chunfly (Remix) Voltio & Calle 13
Clappers Wale
Freshy will.i.am
Cheech & Chong Curtis Williams
Blindfolds Wiz Khalifa
The Code Wiz Khalifa
Errday Wiz Khalifa
I'm Feelin' Wiz Khalifa
iSay Wiz Khalifa
KK Wiz Khalifa
Medicated Wiz Khalifa
MIA Wiz Khalifa
My Favorite Song Wiz Khalifa
Pacc Talk Wiz Khalifa
The Plan Wiz Khalifa
Ridin' Round Wiz Khalifa
S.T.U. (So Turnt Up) Wiz Khalifa
T.A.P. Wiz Khalifa
Box Chevy 6 Yelawolf
Punk Yelawolf
City On Lockdown Yellow Claw
I Like YG
Pulled Up Young Dolph
Sky High Young Dolph
I Got Young Nudy
Buttered Up Yung Gravy