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Artist: Curren$y f/ Juicy J (Three 6 Mafia)
Album:  Spitta Andretti: New Jet City (Mixtape)
Song:   Three 60
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1: Curren$y]
My bath tub lift up, my walls do a three-sixty
Got them bitches wanting to fuck, got them haters tryna' fuck with me
Yeah they so persistent with they ignorance
Consistent with this shit, I get a little bit more maticulate
Descriptive when I spit that shit
Nigga we really live in this Jet
It's not fictitious, ask your bitch cause she's been in it
Impressed with how I'm dressed, and this ain't shit b I'm just chilling
I'm never stressed, never let 'em see me sweat
Asking who designed my sweats, examining me like I'm an exhibit
If I grew it how'd I do it, how much was it, where'd I get it
It's sickening but I'm not tripping, love I know how to fix 'em
Broke niggas keep whining so I cop more diamonds

[Chorus x2: Curren$y]
All my cars got leather and wood
All my hoes is nine's and dimes
All my clothes, they smell like good
All my days, I'm gon' be high
All my nights I'm looking for the best time I can find
Sleeping when it's over, even though a life will never die

[Bridge x8: Curren$y]
My bath tub lift up, my walls do a three-sixty

[Verse 2: Juicy J]
Juicy J pimp shit hard on a bitch
Toss the draw's of a bitch
Backstage at my show, got two or three hoes that slob on my dick
Take a look at my wrist, you can tell I'm paid
Wrist big as shit, I bet your bitch give me head on stage
Maybach outside, still getting head while I drive
Nigga so high, if I fall off I'm sill gon' land in the sky
Got lean in my cup, a room full of sluts, they all gon' fuck
A girl named Holly, gone on the molly
She gon' wake up with a mouth full of nuts
Curren$y the Hot Spitta, Juicy J
Double cup full of that UGK
Bitch I shine like a U.V. ray
And I get head like a new toupee
Scared money don't make no money
I make your ho open my door for me
I copped the Phantom, all black
I'm in the back with a snow bunny
Ferrari faster than the roadrunner
I bought that bitch with my show money
Damn right nigga, I paid cash
Yeah ho, I don't owe nothing
I'm feeling like Superman, but smoking on Kryptonite
I'm living that trippy life
Damn right nigga, we don't miss a night