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Artist: Juicy J f/ Pimp C
Album:  Stay Trippy
Song:   Smokin' Rollin'
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Intro: Juicy J]
You niggas ain't high as me
But I got a way you can do it

[Chorus: Juicy J]
I'm smokin', I'm rollin' {*16X*}

[Juicy J]
Codeine in my system, mane this life outstanding
Feel like I'm on another planet, I don't plan on landing
My Audemar is iced out, ice cream soft served
Prescription pills, prescription weed, drink prescription cough syrup
My swag belong on the short bus, I'm smokin' out in my tour bus
I'm chasing after that long money and I don't take no short cuts
Where the hell is we headed, I don't know but I'm high
I roll another zip of that fire, scream Taylor Gang or die
A zip and a double cup, bitch I'm pourin' up
Introduce ya to the fast life, but I'm slow as fuck
Bad bitch she take a sip, after that she open up
Livin' like a rockstar, I've never been sober bruh


[Pimp C]
Ugh.. smashin' out, lashin' out, keeping these bitches cashin' out
Lickin' they ass, passin' out, don't give a fuck if they mad or not
What you gon' do when they come for you? I'mma bust back like a hog would do
Mackin' game, on the lose, sip the foam, cup the deuce
High pursuit for a prostitute, hoes wanna choose, what's stopping you
That nigga there cock blocking you, I'mma show you what a rock baller do
I might rip the road like Pendergrass; Pimp C ain't Teddy P
I just jump in the Benz and smash the gas, she wanna give me some ass, but the dick ain't free