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Artist: A$AP Mob f/ Juicy J
Album:  Cozy Tapes, Vol. 1: Friends
Song:   Yamborghini High
Typed by: Cedmaster3K
[Intro: A$AP Rocky] + (Juicy J)
Yeah, yeah I'm (y'all know what it is)
Yeah I'm, yeah I'm (SHUT THE FUCK UP~!!)
Yeah I'm, yeah I'm, yeah I'm, yeah I'm
[Chorus 2X: A$AP Rocky]
Yamborghini high, Lambo by the crib, this is how it is
Yeah these niggas fake, no we can't relate
Yamborghini high, Lambo by the crib, this is how it is
This is how we live - bitches, bitches, bitches, bitches
[Juicy J - over Chorus]
You know it!
We do it~!
[A$AP Rocky] + (Juicy J)
Yeah I'm gettin' cake, yeah it's no debate, yeah I fornicate
with foreign hoes that I date like every day, ay (mm-mm)
Yeah I rock the Raf, yeah I bought the Wraith, yeah I'm out of state
Yeah I like to race - yeah I'm, yeah I'm, yeah I'm, yeah I'm (you know it)
Yeah I wake up late, yeah I'm out of shape, yeah I'm eatin' crêpes
Yeah I'm sippin' wine, yeah she feed me grapes, ay (grapes)
She make no mistakes, me make no complaints (hey)
I love how she think she graduated with that brain
She go to
[Juicy J - over Chorus]
You know it!
[A$AP Nast] + (Juicy J)
Tool, on my waist, shades, on my face, money, in the bank
Make, no mistake, Nast, does it, great, hey
Hoes, wanna, fuck, car, parked out front; 7:45
on the fuckin' dot, your bitch down to ride (you know it!)
Leav-in' wit' me cause, I'm a G, made, in these streets
Rep, for the streets, so I, keep a, piece (let's get it)
Niggas, try to front, act, if he want, act, like he tough
End up in a box, layin', on the side (magic!)
[A$AP Ant]
Uhh, my momma told me "Save that money, bank accounts, don't spend that bread"
Cash out on new necklaces, 14 karat bracelet
Dibble dabble with the lean, Hi-Tech with the cream, soda
As I whipped the yola, Lambo red, Coca Cola
My bros Cosa Nostra, ridin' on a speedboat
She suckin', lickin', deep throat, Rey Mysterio
When I'm jumpin' off the top rope, banana clip with the scope
Wearin' all white like I'm the mothafuckin' Pope
[A$AP Ferg] + {Juicy J}
I'm on a Yamborghini high, flyin' high through the sky, aiyyo
Yammy's vision got us rich, catch a nigga flyin' by in a Lambo (yeah)
Sippin' the Henny got me gone, now I'm gettin' in my zone, aiyyo
R.I.P. to my nigga, the gallon goin' to my dome, aiyyo {you know it!}
This how it feel to be rich, fuckin' bitches in the mix, yeah
Where the chiquitas is at? Yamborghini with the shits, yeah
Lil Newport lit, Young Lord with the shits, yeah
I ain't with the game bitch, she blowin' my cartridge, ay (alright~!)
My Jewelry glistenin' why I'm always chilly, can't believe a nigga made a couple milli' (yeah)
'Bout to cop the house way up in the hillies with a bad bitch, in the Bentley (uhh)
Wood grain with the roof gone, make a bitch fold like a futon (yeah)
Gettin' bread like a crouton, tell me what the fuck is you on (ooh-OOOHH!)
[Juicy J - over Chorus]
You know it!
That's how it is!
You know it!
[Interlude: A$AP Twelvyy]
OG, nigga keep it low key
Boolin' in your low man...
Tourin' with the Rollies, rollin', chiefin' OG
Damn I got the smoke right...
Let you gain floor seats, foreign hoes, foreign freaks
All that on the boat trip...
Nigga I'm an OG, got it for the dope fiends
Product of the dope game...
[A$AP Rocky - over Interlude]
Real nigga shit man, you know what I'm sayin'?
Mu'fucker come up on me man
It's gon' be a mu'fuckin' problem
Shouts my nigga Yamborghini, you know what I'm sayin'?
I'm messed up off this shit man
[Outro - w/ Twelvyy + Rocky ad-libs in the background]
Kushed out, leaned out, know what I'm talkin' 'bout {*8X*}