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Artist: Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa f/ Juicy J
Album:  Mac & Devin Go to High School
Song:   Smokin' On
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[Chorus One: Wiz Khalifa]
Bet you get high but I ain't smokin with the rest though
Cause if it's in my joint believe that it's the best smoke
I'm talkin OG kush from the West Coast
Watch how you hit it, just one hit'll burn your chest though

[Wiz Khalifa]
Uhh, cut those cameras on cause my camo's on and my niggaz backin me
Ridin 'round town with a big ol' bag of weed
Taylor Gang, we ain't in yo' faculty (in yo' faculty)
Me and Snoop Dogg done created a masterpiece
Smoke all day and I'm makin this cash and we
+Bout It Bout It+ like Master P (like Master P, like Master P)
Uhh, go hard, stack your cheese, roll a joint, pass the trees
TGOD, he's D-O-G, real G shit what it has to be
My real niggaz gon' pop tags for me, fake niggaz gon' get bags for me
Say you just wan' shake hands with me, same fuck nigga used to laugh at me
Now I'm ridin 'round town in a car that you can't even pronounce 
and you can't go fast as me
Smokin marijuana and she know that I'm a player
so she wanna come up here and spend this cash with me
That pimp shit come naturally, that fuck shit is wack to me
My kush grown organically, my ballin, is actually
Hahaha, niggaaaaa

[Chorus One]

[Chorus Two: Wiz Khalifa]
For shooooo'
You might get smoke but you ain't smokin what we smokin on
You might get smoke but you ain't smokin what we smokin on (ay)
You might get smoke but you ain't smokin what we smokin on
You might get smoke but you ain't smokin what we smokin on (ay)

[Snoop Dogg]
Let me turn you on and turn you out to make you feel like you really wanna feel
Fo' real, sho' will, nigga I got that kill
You, know, what I got - Cap'n Crunch, soda pop
Light green kush cut from a bush, mix it together, get it together
Hypo' glow with the hydro flow, smokin on some shit called "I don't know"
This is the shit that was taught from my niggaz on the block with the fo'-fo' Glock
Oh nooo~! Cuttin it up, button it up, homie don't speak at all
You might skate, you might be, most likely, like shark bait
I might hate, nigga you smokin that lightweight, wrong class
Featherweight, levitate, set it straight - let me break it down for ya
Clip it, zip it, let it fly; if it's good it's gon' get you high
Drop it, stop it, that ain't the one; we don't even smoke that shit for fun~!

[Chorus One] + [Chorus Two]

[Juicy J]
Yeah nigga, I'm rollin up that high grade
Chillin on the porch, smokin like it's +Friday+
E'ry day of the week to Juicy J's a high day
Niggaz think I'm Chinese cause my eyes straight
I blew up a 6, into a 20-ounce
Smoked a half-ounce of kush, felt like 20 ounces
Fucked around and popped a Marley, now I'm high as fuck
Every chick I'm seein Juicy's screamin out "Let's fuck!"
I done popped the pills, and hit that lean behind it
Where my mind? Somebody help me find it
Got a black and white bitch, be my mixed bitch
They keep my double cup full, OG in my Swisher

[Chorus One] + [Chorus Two]