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Artist: 9th Prince
Album:  Revenge Is Coming
Song:   Down South
Typed by: Tha Masta

[radio interview for :32 or so]

[Intro: 9th Prince]
Shaolin... yeah...
Revenge of the 9th Prince!
You know how we do...

[9th Prince]
Aiyo, y'all niggaz can't catch me
See me in Miami with Ciara ass-naked on South Beach
My Grandaddy Flow is hard to reach
Y'all nigga's nerds and Saved by the Bell like Screech
I'm undefeated, this is what hip-hop needed
A new Rakim, all y'all other MC's, y'all just Beat It
I be in club, home, or guest house
Or even out of state at a cookout with ya spouse
Get my dick hard then spill semen all over her blouse
You so hot, take this cock, right in ya mouth
Now that's what I call going down south!

[Outro: 9th Prince]
Yeah, I had my joint all up in that bitch's mouth
Yeah, check ya baby mama's mouth when she comes into the house
Check for that drop... shot in her mouth
The Grandaddy Flow be the illest!
The greatest mixtape, y'all niggaz rock to this shit now
Yeah, you know a crazy bitch
Straight fire, what up?
Y'all bitches better get hip or get ripped
Shout out to everybody through the states
The five boroughs... yeah, across state
My niggaz in Atlanta, yeah, my niggaz on the west coast
(My nigga B.P.) Motherfucking Texas (my nigga Anthai)
Y'all niggaz is beyond reckless (Word up, aiyo Dre)
Let's get the fuck up out here, man...
Yanahmean? This shit is straight fire
Make most return, yanahmean?
Straight up, we ain't no liars
Yo, we out, man, Shaolin, word up, B.P.