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Corrections Feb. 2012 (find 01/12 here).
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Abbreviations Key:
* COTO: Change of Typist Only
* MUNR: Minor Update, No Rewrite
* MTNL: Moved to New Location
* TRRO: Typist Revision Replaced Original

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Date Change Lyric
02.29.12 TRRO Yelawolf: Daddy's Lambo
02.29.12 TRRO Yelawolf: Let's Roll
02.29.12 TRRO Yelawolf: Throw it Up
02.29.12 TRRO Yelawolf: Hard White (Up in the Club)
02.29.12 TRRO Yelawolf: Hard White (Remix)
02.29.12 MTNL Joe Mafia: Bust a Slug (Remix)
02.29.12 MTNL Free Murda: Really Want None
02.29.12 MTNL Saigon: Bring Me Down Pt. 3
02.29.12 MTNL Body Count: Cop Killer
02.29.12 TRRO Ice-T: Street Killer
02.29.12 TRRO Eyedea: Here For You
02.29.12 MUNR Kendrick Lamar: Wanna Be Heard
02.29.12 MUNR Kendrick Lamar: Thanksgiving
02.29.12 MUNR Elzhi: Detroit State of Mind
02.29.12 MUNR Kendrick Lamar: Look Out For Detox