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Artist: 9th Prince
Album:  Revenge Is Coming
Song:   Don't Front
Typed by: Tha Masta

[9th Prince]
He's back!
Yeah, Revenge of the 9th Prince
The fuck these niggaz wanna do?
He's back motherfuckers!
Check it...

Aiyo, y'all niggaz is little puffs, laying in the cut
I'm about to erupt, what the fuck? You got no guts
I'm a nut, stick my finger in a slut's butt
Now a Public Enemy like Chuck, you'se a smut
Out of state niggaz getting that paper
Fly gators walking on top of all you haters
9th Prince is a skyscrapper, y'all niggaz is handymen
Hand me this, hand me that, get that money and stay black
Peeping on all you bitch-ass niggaz with that chit-chat
Yeah, half these rap niggaz is rats
I splatter with my gat, new school niggaz is wack
Revenge of the 9th Prince, yeah I'm back and deadly as crack
Motherfucker, you better watch your back

[Chorus 2x: 9th Prince]
None of you rap niggaz move me
And that girl on your arms, she must got the cooties
Y'all bitch-ass niggaz is moody
Must be that time of the month y'all, don't front