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Artist: 9th Prince f/ Spanish Jose
Album:  Revenge Is Coming
Song:   Street Gems
Typed By: pneumatic

[Spanish Jose]
Look at all the bullshit we facing now
Jakes is foul, Beat me in a racist trial
While me in court tryna keep a low profile
Like funny on occasion, Monolo smile
Used to have a clique but I'm dolo now
Trying not to while out, D.C. GoGo style
And it's ohh soo foul to take the local route
Meanwhile beneath the surface they homo'd out
See your shirt's pulled now you gotta throw those out
Tote lots of bullshit that you don't know bout
Son I broke on out the shell now I'm about to peel
Every four niggas the quiet ones about to squeal
Need to close his mouth for real, I doubt he will
How'd it feel to know my name is shouted still
About to feel the stamina drop, The Devil painted the props
At night the hands on the glocks to leave your fams in a box
Stand in the spots where fiends demanding the rocks
Give em a chance and the cops post for ransom in locks
Smoke cannabis crops, Relieve the tension if they could they would
But those I believe in prison receive will seek wisdom
Don't speak to fools, Give gems to those that mistreat the jewels
Not talking about the bullshit they teach you in schools
But I know I gotta study lies, Reach the truth and tell em
Cause they acting like they better then just leading a song
Resisting all existence and treating it wrong
We wake em now they won't be deceiving us long
Blow em up like an explosion achieved in a bomb
And wave em like a magical mischievous wand
Meaning em harm, While we laughing, Breathing and calm
Blind em like love, You can't see when it's gone
Concurring the weak sheep and even the strong

[9th Prince]
Let me take you on this crusade
A rich Niffle having sex with his maids
Dolce & Gabbana shades
Exclusive specks as you can see that I'm paid
It's like, Prada this, Prada that
Louis Vuitton hat to match my gat
Lay you flat on your back after waving a mack
Hand over the stacks, Keep the cracks
I said hand over the stacks
Before I chop your body up and feed you to the wolf pack
My metaphors they burn like hot wax, The Golden skin tone
Even in the times of Jesus, Yeah I couldn't be stoned
Automatic weapons well known
Lift and twist your body in the air like a cyclone
Call the paramedics, You shoulda learned calisthenics’
Jumping jacks they are pathetic
Ol' Dad was a rolling stone, I guess it's all genetic
Poetry and compositions, You know us we don't competition
Rappers get shot the fuck up, Verbal ammunition
Revenge of the 9th Prince, The album's coming
Putting niggas in submission, Free prisoners from prison
From Riker's Island to Clinton, All the way to San Quinton
Listen to this black Prime Minister, Corporate hustler
On the cover of Forbes, Sipping vodka from Russia