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Artist: Dan-e-o
Album:  Serial Killer (S)
Song:   Serial Killer
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[scene from "Dexter" (S01/Ep08)]
"I'm gonna tell you something, that I've never told anyone before."
"I'm a serial killer."

[Intro: Dan-e-o]
I can't take it anymore dawg
I just have this thing within me man I gotta do it
I gotta lay these MC's on my table man

[Chorus: Dan-e-o]
Serial kill-ah! Serial kill-ah!
Serial kill-ah! Suicide, it's a suicide
(Whenever you're fuckin with a) 
Serial kill-ah! Serial kill-ah!
Serial kill-ah! Suicide, it's a suicide

I'm done; you niggaz is havin too much fuckin fun
makin hip-hop one of the biggest jokes under the sun
How'd you come through the door, since Ra kept it raw?
I ain't gon' let you niggaz bastardize it no more
See I'm wise and mature, I live by a code
to only kill the rappers that's makin hip-hop erode
They wake up, face up, lyin on the table
Niggaz say somethin laid up, cryin you ain't able
to move, securin the room in plastic
Not a drop of blood left for forensics to bag shit
But first I'ma sample it, like as if I'm producin this rhythm
to make a brutal incision so that your eulogy's written nigga
I'm roamin these streets, ownin these beats
If I catch you alone from your peeps I'm wrappin bones up in sheets
And bury you in Lake Ontario
It's kinda scary knowin there ain't no possible worse scenario
There you go


Niggaz wonder where I been but I creep the streets nightly
Sleep I keep sprightly, beast on beats tight be
insomniac wit it, I visit like peeps sight-seein
You ain't wicked, don't know which, niggaz could fight me
Might be, lurkin in the back while you're rockin a set
You can't see me, never resemble a composite sketch
You 'bout to walk into death, first a syringe took
Who knows what gourmet be seen like a French cook
You wake up surrounded by pics of your devious deeds
Time to cease the disease of praisin the weakest MC's
Steady braggin on some fake shit, you can't even say spit
Rhymes ain't on time, you behind, get a late slip
'Bout to get your face split, you're wasted
No more gettin me up in arms, I'm no bracelet
Dan-e-o will get sicker with every last kill
Until you dumb niggaz stop askin if I rap still


[Outro: Dan-e-o]
I had to do it man
I can't, couldn't hold it back no more man
I'm tellin you dawg, these MC's had to go
Straight up man, they ain't never gonna catch me
Nah man, they ain't catchin me homeboy
Straight up, killin these niggaz man