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Corrections Jan. 2014 (find 12/13 here).
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Abbreviations Key:
* COTO: Change of Typist Only
* MUNR: Minor Update, No Rewrite
* MTNL: Moved to New Location
* TRRO: Typist Revision Replaced Original

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Date Change Lyric
01.04.14 TRRO Game: Ali Bomaye
01.04.14 MUNR Fat Joe: Does Anybody Know
01.04.14 MUNR Terror Squad: Bring it On
01.04.14 MUNR Terror Squad: Lean Back
01.04.14 MTNL Future: Karate Chop (Remix)
01.11.14 MTNL R. Kelly: All of My Days
01.11.14 TRRO Yo Gotti: Cold Blood
01.11.14 MUNR Funkmaster Flex: KRS-One Speech
01.11.14 TRRO Fabolous: Foreigners
01.11.14 TRRO Future: Honest
01.11.14 MTNL R. Kelly: Best Friend
01.11.14 MTNL R. Kelly: Been Around the World
01.11.14 MTNL R. Kelly: (You To Be) Be Happy
01.11.14 MTNL R. Kelly: Dollar Bill
01.11.14 MTNL R. Kelly: Double Up