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Artist: Fabolous f/ Meek Mill, Mike Davis, Tak
Album:  The Soul Tape 3
Song:   Foreigners 
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Intro: Fabolous] + (Mike Davis)
The family, D.C
(A-a-ain't nobody gon' say nothin' about me)
Yeah, yeah, yeah

[Chorus: Mike Davis] + {Fabolous}
Ain't nobody gon' say nothin' about me (about me)
A hater can't never say nothin' around me (around me)
Ain't nobody gon' say nothin' about me (about me)
When we be drivin' foreign through ya county (ERRT~!)
Ain't nobody gon' say nothin' about me {what they gon' say?}
A hater can't never say nothin' around me {what they gon' say?}
Ain't nobody gon' say nothin' about me {said what they gon' say?}
When I'm keepin' them foreign girls around me

Yeah, yeah...
When a hater talk (what they talkin?) That's a foreign language (what, what)
When the money talks (uh huh) now it's more my language (what's up)
Yea we ridin' dirty (ridin dirty) but the .40 stainless (bang bang)
I let you niggas tell it (but what?) But the story always changes (like what)
Like once upon a time, in that 458 wit Prime (woo)
Might of been that four door with Sue (woo) or was that Web's CL coupe (woo)
It coulda been Ocean in the Aston (uh-huh) or Ruggs Beamer gassin (uh-huh)
I know them cars is foreign in the stable (I know) them girls is foreign at the table (I know)
Them Russian girls so cold (so cold) them Italian chicks was mobbin' (they mobbin')
Them Spanish mami's loco (she cra'y) these Africans a problem, man
Y'all, wan-na, live, my, life-style (woo!)
Can't, tell if, I should, get it, plain or, iced out (WOO!)


[Meek Mill]
NO~! HO~!
Can't name a drug that I ain't sell, court cases I ain't tell
I carried home, I got rich, they still hatin I ain't fail
So it's fuck niggas (fuck em) fuck niggas (fuck em) don't run up on me, you ain't 12
And if you pull yo badge out, these hittas wit me, can't tell (BLAOW!)
A hater can't say nothin 'bout me ('bout me) Northside of Philly they found me (found me)
Gun on my hip I'm still reppin' it cause wit the same couple niggas around me (around me) 
Mac wit a drum and it round me (round me) keep these fuck niggas from 'round me ('round me)
Cause niggas gon' talk like they hoes and half of my homies done turned to my foes

Hold up!
Had to put chrome on these Rolls (WHOA!) had to put stones on these Rolls (WHOA!)
Had to stay down for my niggas (WHOA!) had to put on for these hoes (WHOA!)
Y'all, wan-na, live, my, life-style (woo!)
Send a, jet, bitch, we ain't, bookin, flights, now (WOO!) 


[Mike Davis - repeat 2X]
Y'all, wa-nna, live, my, life-style
Never, seen a, foreign, never, seen her, ass, out
Never, seen so, many, niggas, throwin', cash, out
All my, niggas, drivin', foreigns, so we, spazzed, out

[Chorus] - first 1/2 only

[Outro: Tak]
Yeah, nigga... fuck this niggas gon' say? 
We been through yo town, 10 niggas, 60 chains on nigga
Big shit with us, big Benzo machine guns
We do what the fuck we want, nigga
We come through yo city nigga, with all yo bitches, nigga~!
Livin this life, Dreamchasers, some of the youngest flyest niggas in the world, nigga
We do what we want in these streets, nigga
Fuckin the bitches you fiend about nigga, throwing the money you dream about nigga~!