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Artist: R. Kelly f/ Snoop Dogg
Album:  Double Up
Song:   Double Up
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[R. Kelly]
Aight, now we got that out the way, let's double up
It's your boyfriend
Look here, if we in the club 
And you trying to decide whether if you gon' leave with me 
And you don't know because you got your girl with you
Bring her with you, bring her with you
Uh huh
I got a place you can stay in my crib, let's go

[Chorus: R. Kelly] (Snoop Dogg [No Snoop ad-libs in first use])
Step up out the club wit a dizzy head
I got two chick that got dizzy legs
I'm bout to double up (One on each arm)
You know I'm bout to double up (I got one on each arm)

Hop up in that Phantom with the dough to a side
I got a freak in the front and a freak in the back
I'm bout to double up (One on each arm)
And you know 'm bout to double up (I got one on each arm)
Double Up

[R. Kelly]
I flow through the spot, Kells on the prowl
I see these honies and they dancin all wild
All up on each other windin real freaky
I'm plottin on how I'm gon take 'em home with me
Maybe her cousin, maybe her girlfriend
I just wanna get them both up out of here
Fast as I can on them dubs to the crib
Start off with my game and pop a lil bub
And have 'em dance for me like they danced in the club
Oooh they so freaky and both of them on me
Shots of Tequila puffin dro and now they ready
Her girl hollered out with her best friends
And then I hollered out "yall look like twins"
Ain't no competition, yall a couple of tens
And then they said "Kells, tell us what you wanna do"
Well I'm about to double up with you and you


[R. Kelly]
Women don't stop when I walk up in the club
See your girl with her girl and try to get a group hug
Get 'em to the hotel get some group love
Her, her, me, man I just can't get enough
All up in my tub, steady poppin bub
Who is she to you when she reply first cuz
Man I can tell they so naughty, naughty
The way they took me down like a forty, forty
One in the bed and one in the chair
One might suck my toes while one braid my hair
In the prop spot like two fo these players
In the car lot like two of these players
Haters say "damn, how he doin this player?"
Doublin up for me is like routine player
I'ma go get 'em, mix 'em up like a dealer
Man three is company, bitch call me Jack Tripper


[Snoop Dogg]
I'm back up in the VIP, in a cloud of smoke
Be poundin, surrounded by all my folks
Give me another shot, damn the music loud
I'm bout to mix it up and blend in in the crowd
Whip, slip, slide by the dancefloor
Baby grab me by the hand say she wanna dance, oh oh
Is that your girlfriend peepin me out?
Sho' nuff, it must be cause now she freakin me out
She get behind a nigga, grindin on a nigga, touchin on me
Whisperin in my ear, damn it sound lovely
I'm infactuated, we evacuated, now we at the crib
It's two for the money, thats the life I live
Kiss me, kiss her, now kiss each other
It's a trip the way I make these chicks twist each other
Take your shirt off, now I'ma take hers off too
It's double or nothing, that's how the boss do


[Outro: Snoop](Kells)
How bout that?
Snoop Dogg and Kells (Chi-tizzle)
We lead the league in this here man (Believe that)
You know what I'm talkin about? (Yeah, hell yeh)
That's forty toes man, add that up, forty toes
That's like twenty points and twenty rebounds
That's a double double (You a fool)
We double up like that man, Mid-West connect
You know what it is, holla back
(Uncle Junebug, whattup my nigga)
(I see you Reese, sittin there all slim and shit, nigga I'm bout to go workout too)