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Artist: Yelawolf f/ Lil Jon
Album:  Radioactive
Song:   Hard White (Up in the Club)
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[Intro: Lil Jon]
It's your boy Lil Jon - yeah!
Got my partner Yelawolf with me (yeah)
What's up Yela?!
You know it's time to crank the club up again (yeah)

[Yelawolf] + (Lil Jon)
You ain't gotta lay down on your back to know you already fucked up
Lettin me in the motherfuckin game is like lettin me drunk-drive in your truck
When Yelawolf arrived in this club, I already had five in my cup
I done took another hit, I done ran into a bitch that's lookin lifeless and stuck (hey!)
Baby what's wrong wit'chu now? What you ain't happy with Red, Bottoms?
Mad cause I'm in V.I.P. with a fuckin Jack bottle
with, Tom, Dick and Harry
But I got up in this bitch with a tanktop cause I spit so very, DUMB quick and scary!
That's why they so quick to compare me
But fuck the critics with a spiked dick when it can fit barely
They probably think I'm a Limp Bizkit, that spits jelly
But I put 'em in the woods, I'm a redneck, I'm a hick, tell me
Go ahead! (Yeah!) What the fuck does it matter to me?
Cause after me, they'll only be wanna-bes and mostly, ain't-never-gonna-bes
Yeah in this forest I'm a lonely tree
My limbs are covered in tattoos and my roots, they run deep

[Chorus: Yelawolf] + (Lil Jon)
I'm, two bottles shawty (YEAH) two bitches waitin (YEAH)
Two tens, that's a win-win situation (situation!)
Happy birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) I'm feelin brand new (HAH!)
Drinks on ME, for me, not you (not you!)
UP IN THE CLUB - still don't give a fuck

[Yelawolf] + (Lil Jon)
I don't know what to say after that first verse, I mean like damn, I just killed it
What the fuck am I supposed to do with this cow? I done already milked it
Smoke another cigarette unfiltered, let go of anything that I'm feelin
They done broke me down so many times before that I'm no longer rappin, I'm buildin
with one brick, two brick, three brick, four (hey!)
Underneath the steps, of my single-wide door
Raised by them dope boys so I know how them thangs look
Thanks for the recipe, rest in peace Wayne Bush
I don't cut my shit, I don't break it down 
for you motherfuckers out there waitin around
for some rap savior, you better look up at what it is that you facin now
Cause Jesus drives a Harley (yeah!) the devil wears Prada (yeah!)
If God was one of us, he'd probably drink vodka (hah!)
I'll still kick it at the party when I get rich
Cause rich or broke I'm still as dope, the realest ain't as real as this (NAH!)
Dead or alive I'll put a stamp in this bitch
You'll never see rock-n-roll do hip-hop like I did! (HEY!)


[Outro: Yelawolf] + (Lil Jon)
Yeah, yeah (y'all know we don't give a FUCK!)
It's Ghet-O-Vision (yeah!) Shady (yeah!)
Still don't give a fuck
(Nah! Your boy Lil Jon, we rep the South!)
Happy birthday Alabama (hey, hey!)
Up in the club, don't give a fuck, ahh (don't give a fuck)
(Up in the club, still don't give a fuck)
I ain't in the building, I OWN the building, BITCH!