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Artist: Yelawolf
Album:  Trunk Muzik 0-60
Song:   Daddy's Lambo
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[Intro: Yelawolf]
Hillbilly in Beverly Hills
And so, Drama Beats

Hold up, damn rich - peanut butter guts in the Lamborghini, whoa
You must have white bread, let's make a sandwich
Nah I ain't never seen money like you got
Nobody got that kinda money in the boondocks
So if you take me up and show me the balcony 
lookin over the Hollywood valley I'll make your balloon pop
Pop stars like you need a dude like me to appreciate yo' wealth
I know you got a elevator in your house but with me you appreciate the steps
Act like you don't wanna see how much of this Jack Daniel's you can handle
You wanna drink and get cut like Rambo, and let me drive yo' daddy's Lambo

[Chorus: Yelawolf]
Take me up to Beverly Hills to yo' daddy's mansion
Let me see Hollywood for real, lights, camera, action
I've seen you party and would kill entertainment channels
One thing I gotta know, can I drive ya daddy's Lambo?
Lambo-oh-ohh (yeah) your daddy's Lambo
Lambo-oh-ohh, can I drive your daddy's Lambo?
Lambo-oh-ohh (yeah) your daddy's Lambo
Lambo-oh-ohh, can I drive your daddy's Lambo?

Uh, you're +Young & Reckless+, nice little diamond necklace
Got a pint-sized vodka drink and you're pretty in pink, wanna go get breakfast?
No you ain't ever been to Waffle House, always hangin in Guys and Dolls
If you came to the South I'd put you in a Chevrolet and we'd slide to the mall
Yeah I came to the club in a pair of Famous jeans and a DTA hoodie
But I'm walkin through the party with Rogue Status lookin for Beverly Hill goodies
Yelawolf and I'm an Alabama boy, got more bounce than a salamander boy
Need a rich girl like I need a headache 
but I'll take it if I can drive your daddy's toy


Ha ha ha ha ha! Yeah!
What you got in that tote bag? That one-of-a-kind Prada
That beautiful behind inspires me, makes one of my rhymes harder
Your daddy made a fine daughter, make me wanna turn this wine from water
Keep the party goin and the 808 blowin 
cause Drama made a beat that'll climb the chart up
Money money money money money, ain't it funny what a honey in a Lamborghini will do?
Some'll run into a $100 bill and drill a dick 
on any Tom and Harry with the 24-inch shoes
But come and explore this dude, analyze my swing
It's - Slick Ricky Bobby baby, gotta let me drive that thing, c'mon!


Just, whip it around, y'know?
Up the Hills
I ain't gon' wreck it, I promise
Just sit yo', drunk ass back
Drama Beats! Yelawolf! Ghet-O-Vision
What up Rob, Dyrdek?
"Fantasy Factory" bitch
Holler at'chee!