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Focused Daily || Odds & Evens || Street Music
Remix/B-Side/Soundtrack || Misc.

Defari - Focused Daily (1999) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Intro
2 Focused Daily
3 Never Lose Touch
4 Keep it on the Rise
5 Lowlands Anthem, Pt. 1
6 Bionic
7 Likwit Connection
8 Yes Indeed
9 Killing Spree
10 These Dreams
11 Juggle Me (For the DJ's)
12 Thunder and Lightning
13 405 Friday's
14 Checkstand 3
15 No Clue
16 Gems
17 People's Choice

Defari - Odds & Evens (2003) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Pick a Number
2 Inner City
3 Cold Pieces
4 Spell My Name
5 Hooks
6 Pour More Likwit
7 SSlumpy
8 Odds & Evens
9 Take the Weight of My Hand
10 Behold My Life (Remix)
11 Diamonds in the Rough
12 Extra Thump
13 For the Love
14 Los Angelinos
15 Chocolate Ty (Interlude)
16 Stay Bubblin'

Defari - Street Music (2006) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Hardworker
2 Either Dead or in Jail
3 Congratulations
4 Peace and Gangsta
5 Make My Own
6 West West
7 We've Been Doin' This
8 Burn Big
9 Barwork
10 Deepest Regards
11 People Trip
12 Clowns
13 The Bizness
14 Don't be Mad at Me
15 Vultures

Lyrics Album
Bionic 2 Bionic 2 12"
Just Business Bomb Worldwide
Look Into My Eyes Eastern Conference All Stars II
I Can't Wait Joyride 12"
Joyride Joyride 12"
Behold My Life L.A. Collection
Keep it on the Rise (Pt. II) L.A. Collection
Smack Ya Face L.A. Collection
Okay Okayplayer True Notes Vol. 1
Say it Twice Say it Twice 12"
Bomb Tree T.H.C.: The Hip-Hop Comp.

Miscellaneous Other
Lyrics Artist
Wild 'N Tha West Chico & Coolwadda
Defari Interlude Dilated Peoples
Defari Interlude Dilated Peoples
Ear Drums Pop (Remix) Dilated Peoples
Olde English Dilated Peoples
Some L.A. S--- Dr. Dre
Don't Hate Evidence
NC to CA Evidence
Runners Evidence
Dear Mr. President Fredwreck
Down With Us Fredwreck
Top Prospects High and Mighty
As Life Goes By King Tee
My Dear Tha Liks
Major League Rasco
Defari Freestyle Sway and King Tech
Handle Your Business Xzibit
Loud & Clear Xzibit
Rimz & Tirez Xzibit