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Artist: King Tee f/ Defari Herut
Album: The Ruthless Chronicles
Song:  As Life Goes By
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[Intro: King Tee Talking]
Ha ha, yeah
My man Herut
We came to put a little trife in your life
Yes Sir, ooohhh, spill a little game
Spit a new game

[Defari Herut]
Understand one thing
Study the game, look at your frame, nothin' remains
one second gone things'll never the same
Livin' with change, we all want a mension and reigns
But can't explain, why homeless have to remain!
Give up on life, yeah right, I struggle and fight
Fight for my life, for sure nigga, fight til I die
For my Hip-Hop, we smoke burnin' the sky
It's reddin' my eye, turn the key startin' my mind
Now they came high, Snakes in the grass tell lies
Babylon rock, Babylon will burn in fire
Burnin' desires, liquor, gushs, Rims and Tires
Higher then high, we blow 'til our lunks expire
Firmin' desires, Hennessey and light green pyres
Higher then high, we blow 'til our lunks expire (*Coughing*)

Some of things gonna blow my mind
Tryin' to figure them now while I'm gettin' high
?? the life shippin'
Champagne, every time I tried
Some of things gonna blow my mind
Got to get some stacks, got to smoke this fry
Steady some stress searchin' that
Turnin, back as the life goes by

[King Tee]
I'm ballin' out control, way before the first tape sold
A nigga stayed ballin, I ain't never went gold
Cuffed by the cops, but a nigga never told
Tila kept chips, somethin' fresh to roll
Niggaz need to stop hatin, niggaz need to start prayin'
Thinkin' God they ain't facin' what I'm prayin'
Big Time Crooks, with them Mad Dog looks
With the trigger, on you Hollywood ass niggaz
Like I said before, I balled half my life
Kept it Gangster for the ones locked down, singin' through the night
And you was just tryin' to make it right
Beat your little ones and your wife
Hold up, I rather slang big crack and big macks any day
Niggas did that to live fat anyway
So you'll take a few grips to your homeboy's bitch
That slut got back then she snitched, damn!


[Defari Herut]
I will, architect the life to build
I won't, sleep cause it's real in a field
I do, pledge allegiance to my crew
I don't, love with a chosen few
I can't, strive to be the best of man
I can't, fear God's master plans
So I know, I only got one life to live

[King Tee]
Yeah, and with that, we live day by day
It's for the moment, focusin' in one opponent
Can't really leave too much rules so upon us
I'm a hard, and punks show up to get dart
Fifteen years on the set and still hard
Still got some old money buried in the yard
Police, straight a head, young nigga don't clinch
He chose to play the game, young nigga don't snitch

[Chorus: til fade]