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Artist: Defari f/ Tash
Album:  Odds & Evens
Song:   Extra Thump
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[Tash talkin]
what up Fred
you know
ooh woop ooh woop
oh boy, oh boy
oh girl

Wassup Fred
I need a 4X to the head
or that new t-shirt sayin "wassup Fred"
can I live like Jay-Z, make moves that pay me
(where's your chain) fuck a chain, I rock my face and name
I rock beats that will tear down the whole frame
of your house if your system got that Roger bounce
mooo bounce, to the 40 ounce
tap an oldie, down the goldie
mooo bounce, to the 40 ounce
tap an oldie, down the gold
set shit straight
I'm money for that money rollin state
I'm a different level me of authentic L.A.
Fred Wreck, Fredrigo
meet me on pico
I got 3 bad nihas, I need one chico
Hennessey all day
hate is nothing to a boss
I feels like my nigga Big Hutch
buck what it cost
I drop from the sky and left the lane burnin
mashin down the block all this bitches heads turnin

[Chorus - Defari]
this that kinda shit that make you wanna jump
for the car stereos wit that extra hump
make niggaz in the streets say what the fuck
Defari right back wit that extra thump
this that typa shit blow out ya truck
make bitches on the block stoppin wanna fuck
make rudeboys point it at the sky and dump
Defari right back wit that extra thump

See I was born in the world wit fast money and pretty girls
fades, and braids, and O.G.s still rock curls
I'm from L.A. where niggaz still smoke joints
kush weed when they get the true taste styles the point
from the jungles to the eastside
Carson to Pacoima
finish to Inglewood, it's all L.A. California
the style I flip is so versitale
you too young girl, don't want to hurt you child
cuz when it come to the fuck I'm all bronco buff
make a top notch and a momma fall in love
see in the club
my niggaz all rollin up dubs
everybody doja'd out hitted out nigga what
300 M, we came, chop game
around the town all these motherfuckers know my name


Ha, listen
6 trays Chevrolets, all day, everyday
L.A. California, that's the way we play
we do it to a Likwit music
power movement, home improvement
we don't give a fuck say what you say
D to the E-F-A-R-I
we sky high alumni Likwit niggaz don't die
we trynna buy everything buyable, homielayable
the Likwit crew drive for survival is undeniable
I slide a couple bitches thru the back of the club
if the hoes get kicked out I get 'em back in the club
They Rico's keep on Rico's top notchin
I know half of these hoes when these girls were hop-scotchin
Now watch it - you handcuffin' hoes we the locksmith
we ain't satisfied untill the top notch is topless
knock this in your trunk if you ain't no punk
big Tash is in the house wit that extra thump