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Yung Joc - New Joc City (June 2006) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 New Joc City (Intro)
2 It's Goin' Down
3 He Stayed In Trouble (Interlude)
4 Do Ya Bad
5 Don't Play Wit It
6 Excuse Me Officer (Interlude)
7 Dope Boy Magic
8 Patron
9 Flip Flop
10 I'm Him
11 Hear Me Coming
12 I Know You See It
13 Yung Nigga (Interlude)
14 1st Time
15 Knock it Out
16 Picture Perfect

Yung Joc - Hustlenomic$ (Aug. 2007) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Hustlenomics (Intro)
2 Play Your Cards
3 Coffee Shop
4 Bottle Poppin'
5 Hell Yeah
6 Cut Throat
7 Hustlemania (Skit)
8 I'm a G
10 Pak Man
11 Getting to Da Money
12 Brand New
13 Living the Life
14 Momma
15 Chevy Smile
16 Hustlenomic$
* Block Boy

Lyrics Album
Coffee Shop (Dirty Version) Coffee Shop 12"
A Couple Grand A Couple Grand 12"
I Know You See It (Single Version) I Know You See It (CD Single)
'Bout It Step Up Soundtrack

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Me & U (Bad Boy Remix) Cassie
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Showstopper (Remix) Danity Kane
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