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Artist: Yung Joc f/ Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg
Album:  Hustlenomic$
Song:   Brand New
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Snoop Dogg] + (Yung Joc)
Yung Joc (sup?)
What it do nephew? (You know what it is)
All brand new shit

[Chorus: Yung Joc]
It ain't my fault (it's not my fault potnah)
That everythang you get, is, used (and you, you, you probably can't help that)
(That, you know) And I buy all my shit brand new
(I don't have a problem with spendin the money y'know?)
When I walk into the room, they, choose (I mean heh, I'm Yung Joc man)
(C'mon~!) Cause they know my whips, my ice is brand new

[Yung Joc]
From my fitted down to my shoes
I enter the room and your bitch might choose
Look me up and down from my head to toe
They point the exit then I tell 'em "Let's go!"
S5, don't forget the fifty
What it cost me? About a hundred fifty
DAYUMN!! What's this? Why it's so sticky?
That's good kush, quarter cost you 'bout a hundred fifty
Seal the leather, still brand new
Lookin at the sky through that panaromic view
She say she like my jeans, even like my sneaks
Thats the new Guccis, five hundred a piece (a piece?)
I make her smile, when I smile back
Check the do's, Caddy stones, yeah I bought that
Baby we can go to Paris or Toronto
Brand new shades, who's that? Ferragamo


[Snoop Dogg]
Never drive the same car twice
You still buying chains; I'm into chippin ice
Y'know? Is it real or fake, how much a killa make?
I'm 'bout ownin somethin, ya dig? Real estate
I'm in the '08 Escalade, with brand new Gucci shades
I'm flingin it, and singin it, while stayin up for days
You know my entourage, I does it extra large
Blue bezels for my nizzles double what you charge
So whenever you see me you know I'm fresh to death
French tip on my nails and now my hair is fresh
In some brand new clothes, with some brand new hoes
Is them Phantom do's, on that brand new Rolls
On another level, blue rose petals
And when I walk the block I make everyone wanna talk a lot
To brag and boast that ain't my style, to highside and profile
I'd rather blow a pound with my Pound and do what you say


[Rick Ross]
I let her fantasize, I'm a fanstay
She couldn't fathom us fuckin on top of Phantom seats
Now we worldwide, speakin different laguages
Ma, Puerto Deo, now can you hang with it
I'm a boss girl, you lookin for a job?
Fuck me on your lunch break and you're sure to star
Get a raise when that brain keep me in a daze
Custom made suede Gucci shoes I'm on another page
And my money so long
My money so long, I swear my money so long (ye ain't lyin)
Murcielagos just for the car do's
This the main event, those niggaz is sideshows
Where I reside hoe, you're considerd a side hoe
Air train and peanuts, it's time to slide hoe
Where I reside hoe, you're considerd a side hoe
Air train and peanuts, it's time to slide hoe


[Outro: Snoop Dogg]
That's so cold
Yung Joc, what it do nephew?
All brand new shit, yeah boy!
Dig, yeah that's my nig
I'ma smoke on out like that dere
I'ma jump off in this brand new car I got
Brand new shoes and brand new outfit
This brand new sack of chronic I got
I'm lookin at this bitch like oh yeah I'm actin all brand new
I don't even know you f'real
That's the business... see ya~!
It ain't my fault
Hehe, it ain't my fault!
It ain't my fault my nigga
Everythang you got is used
That's a used chain, nigga had that chain on like fo' years ago
That's some used shoes you got, the automobile is used
Nigga you don't even... all that shit nigga
Your bitch is used too nigga
Yeah, it's all hood though
It ain't my fault, we just gon' keep doin it
So brand new, oh-seven, yeah