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Tyga - No Introduction (2008) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Diamond Life
2 Coconut Juice
3 Supersize Me
4 Don't Regret it Now
5 Pillow Talkin'
7 First Timers
8 Cartoonz
9 Summertime
10 Press 7
11 Woww
12 2 AM
13 Est. (80's Baby)
*I I Am
*J Horrifyin Man
*J Magical Flow

Tyga - Fan of a Fan (May 2010) (DP)
Track Lyrics
1 Intro
2 What They Want
3 Drop Top Girl
4 Deuces
5 No Bullshit
6 48 Bar Rap
7 Ballin
8 Middle Talking
9 Ain't Thinkin Bout You
10 Like a Virgin Again
11 Have It
12 Number One
13 Make Love
14 I'm So Raw
15 I'm On It
16 Movin 2 Fast
17 Regular Girl
18 Outro Talking
19 G Shit
20 Holla at Me

Tyga - Black Thoughts 2 (Apr. 2011) (DP)
Track Lyrics
1 Storm
2 Hypnotized
3 We Up
4 Don't Wake Me Up
5 Real or Fake
6 Bad B#%*%es
7 Drink the Night Away
8 Lap Dance
9 Reminded
10 Involved
11 Real Tonight
12 First Time
13 Moving Backwards
14 Never Be the Same

Tyga - #B---hImTheShit (Dec. 2011) (DP)
Track Lyrics
1 B---h I'm the S#%t
2 B---h Betta Have My Money
3 Make it Nasty
4 Pop It
5 In This Thang
6 Orgasm
7 Dancin' 4 Dollas
8 Heisman
9 Mack Down
10 Bad B#^#%es (Remix)
11 Get Gnarley
12 Bouncin' On My Dick
13 Heisman Pt. 2
14 Fuck With You
15 The Motto (Remix)

Tyga - Careless World: Rise of the Last King (Feb. 2012) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Careless World
2 Lil Homie
3 Muthafucka Up
4 Echoes (Interlude)
5 Do it All
6 I'm Gone
7 For the Fame
8 Birdman Interlude
9 Potty Mouth
10 Faded
11 Rack City
12 Black Crowns
13 Celebration
14 Far Away
15 Mystic AKA Mado Kara Mieru Interlude
16 This Is Like
17 King & Queens
18 Let it Show
19 Love Game
20 Lay You Down
21 Light Dreams
22* Still Got It
23* Make it Nasty

Tyga - Well Done 3 Mixtape (Aug. 2012) (DP)
Track Lyrics
1 No Luck
2 Do My Dance
3 Wish
4 Ayye B---h
5 Designer
6 Diced Pineapples
7 Ready to Fuck
8 Riot
9 King Company
10 Ratchet
11 Girls & Guitars
12 Get Her Tho
13 Splatter
14 Switch Lanes
15 Out This B---h
16 I Remember

Tyga - 187 Mixtape (Nov. 2012) (DP)
Track Lyrics
1 Fuckin Crack
2 I'm Different
3 Young & Gettin It
4 Clique/Fuckin Problem
5 Love T-Raww
6 Luv Dem
7 All Gold Everything
8 Swimming Pools
9 95 Like Dat

Tyga - Hotel California (Apr. 2013) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 500 Degrees
2 Dope
3 Get Loose
4 Diss Song
5 Hit 'Em Up
6 Molly
7 Fuck For the Road
8 Show You
9 It Neva Rains
10 M.O.E.
11 Hijack
12 Get Rich
13 Enemies
14 Drive Fast, Live Young
15 Palm Trees
16 Don't Hate the Playa

Tyga - Fan of a Fan: The Album (2015) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Westside
2 Nothin' Like Me
3 Ayo
4 Girl You Loud
5 Remember Me
6 I Bet
7 D.G.I.F.U.
8 Better
9 Lights Out
10 Real One
11 B#%@!es N Marijuana
12 She Goin' Up
13 Wrong In the Right Way
14 Bunkin'
15 It's Yo S#%!
16 Banjo

Lyrics Album
Be Quiet Be Quiet (S)
Coconut Juice (Remix) Coconut Juice (S)
Crenshaw at Midnight Crenshaw at Midnight (S)
Dad's Letter Dad's Letter (S)
Diddy Bop Diddy Bop (S)
Ride Out Furious 7 Soundtrack
Gettin' Gettin' Gettin' Gettin' (S)
Hookah The Gold Album *
Rack City (Remix) Rack City (Remix) (S)
Rich Girl Rich Girl (S)
Slow it Down Slow it Down (S)
Tatted Like a Cholo Tatted Like a Cholo (S)
Tyga Montana Tyga Montana (S)
Wait For a Minute Wait For a Minute (S)
Wassup (All Love) Wassup (S)
Young Kobe Well Done 4

Lyrics Artist
Do What I Gotta Do Big Sean
Self Made Bow Wow
Deuces Chris Brown
Holla at Me Chris Brown
Loyal (Remix) Chris Brown
My Weezy DJ Drama
A Million Lights DJ Khaled
Don't Pay 4 It DJ Khaled
Adult Swim DJ Spinking
My Type of Party (Remix) Dom Kennedy
Slide Through E-40 & Too $hort
Dirty Bass Far East Movement
Thrilla in Manilla French Montana
Best Head Ever The Game
Celebration The Game
I Like Girls The Game
Take That The Game
White Soft Porn The Game
She Geeked Sean Garrett
100 On It Gudda Gudda
The Dungeon Gudda Gudda
Bull@%@# Honey Cocaine
Heisman Honey Cocaine
Heisman (Part 2) Honey Cocaine
Who Shot Me Honey Cocaine
Iz U Down Kid Ink
Stop Kid Ink
Time of Your Life (Remix) Kid Ink
Nasty Nigga Kirko Bangz
One Time Lil Twist
YM Banger Lil Wayne
Bubble Butt Major Lazer
Light It Up Marshmello
Versace (Remix) Migos
Active Kids New Boyz
Cricketz New Boyz
I Endorse These Strippers Nicki Minaj
Baking Soda Plies
Bigger Than Life Rich Gang
Keep It G Skeme
Broke Leg Tory Lanez
I'm On 2.0 Trae
Ayy Ladies Travis Porter
Down Low Travis Porter
Goin Deep Travis Porter
Live It Up Tulisa
Live It Up (Acoustic Mix) Tulisa
Bag of Money (Extended Remix) Wale
In My Room Yellow Claw
B#%^h Betta Have My Money YG
B#%#hes Ain't S#%t YG
Do With My Tongue YG
Do It With My Tongue (Remix) YG
Go Loko YG
Go Loko (Remix) YG
Hell Yeah YG
Back It Up Young Money
Bedrock Young Money
Finale Young Money
Good Day Young Money
One Time Young Money
Roger That Young Money
Senile Young Money
Wife Beater Young Money