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Artist: Young Money f/ Lil Twist, Tyga, YG
Album:  Young Money: Rise of an Empire
Song:   One Time
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Lil Twist]
Yeah, hehe, look

[Chorus: Lil Twist]
I'mma mack, on this ho, one time
Mack on this mu'fuckin' ho one time
I'mma mack, on this ho, one time
Mack on this mu'fuckin' ho one time, ay...
Hehe, if you a pimp, break a bitch (if you a pimp, break a bitch)
See I'mma mack, on this ho, one time
If you a pimp, break a bitch, hehe

[Lil Twist]
I see you lookin' (lookin') what you lookin' at? (Lookin' at)
All out of pocket, ho, I'm takin' that (takin' that)
You know the life? (Life) Bitch, I'm livin' that (livin' that)
Now do that 100 yard dash and run that money back (money back)
I see potential, yeah, you full of that
Be my employee of the week, make a hunnid racks (hunnid racks)
I'm in the Benz (Benz) fuck a 'Lac (fuck a 'Lac)
Space age pimpin', know you heard of that (heard of that)


AUUGH~! She want a nigga like a Birkin purse
Fuck it like it's my last pussy on the universe
Give you that work, she give me checks like it's every first
of the month, I got liquor for these bitches' thirst
Put you on stars, you'll be shinin' in your turf
My nigga told me bout ya, had to see what you was worth
That pussy come a dime a dozen, you'll be mine, you know it
Why he got you workin'? I could benefit you further
You know that Lambo, broke-poof, lame niggas, ain't no
competition when I'm spittin' game that could break hoes
Hoes gotta bow in my presence for survival
+Mindfreak+, no Criss Angel up in this flow
Real magic, make a dollar touch to her ankles
My bitch'll take a train, bus for this dick though
Fall asleep when I bust, blowin' kush bowls
Got another bitch comin', so hit the back door, bitch, you know

[Chorus] w/ ad-libs

Yeah, it's YG 400~!
I'm a mack, baby (baby) spin that crack, baby (baby)
Too much money, I'll never fuck a fat lady (never fuck a fat lady)
Now, that's a fact, baby, sit on my lap, baby (my lap baby)
You know the motto: bust a nut then take a nap, baby
You know the motto: if you come through, fuck a nigga (fuck a nigga)
She keep bringin' up her boyfriend, I'm like "fuck yo' nigga"
(Hold up!) Ooh, you nasty
Do I like it from the back? That's what she asked me (yep)
What you know about suntans from Blood niggas? (Woo)
Dressed in all black like Catholic nun niggas
What you know about that Porsche plus that hunnid racks? (Hunnid racks)
My old bitch mad, she ain't gettin' none of that
Dick don't fail me now..
I gotta turn this bitch out..
Cause if I beat that pussy up..
She gon' give me everything in her bank account (400!)


[Outro: Lil Twist]
If you a pimp, break a bitch...
See I'mma mack on this mu'fuckin' ho one time, ay... {*2X*}
See I'mma mack on this mu'fuckin' ho one time