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Track Artist Lyrics
1 Ludacris f/ Nate Dogg .. a Black Man's Radio (skit)
2 Dru Hill f/ Redman How Deep is Your Love
3 Case and Joe Faded Pictures
4 Jay-Z f/ Amil-lion, Ja Rule Can I Get A...
5 _Rush Hour_ Jackie Chan Kicks Ass (skit)
6 Wu-Tang Clan And You Don't Stop
7 Ja Rule Bitch Betta Have My Money
8 Chris Tucker Is This Weed.. Cigaweed (skit)
9 Grenique Disco
10 Chris Tucker and Chief Blow Shit Up.. (skit)
11 Slick Rick Impress the Kid
12 Montell Jordan + guests If I Die Tonight
13 Jon B. Glad That We Loved
14 Chris Tucker I'll Be on a Big FBI Case (skit)
15 Fat Joe Terror Squadians
16 Chris Tucker .. You Speak English (skit)
17 Tray Deee f/ Jayo Felony, Daz Way Too Crazy
18 Charli B f/ Cam'Ron, Noreaga N.B.C.
19 Terry Dexter You'll Never Miss Me..
20 Kasino f/ Nite & Day Nasty Girl
21 Imajin No Love
22 Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan I'm Michael Jackson.. (skit)
23 Too $hort Tell the Feds
24 Lalo Schifrin Rush Hour Main Title Theme
25 Chris Tucker Take This Badge.. (skit)