Effective immediately the official e-mail address of the OHHLA webmaster has been changed. For all OHHLA correspondence, you may use the address ohhla @ pobox.com (remove the spaces around the @ sign). This e-mail change was made due in part to the old address receiving too much spam, and in part due to the fact the address was being used BY spammers. Simple enough tactic really - they profit from the spam if you click on their hyperlink, and they don't have to deal with the complaints about it because it goes to me instead of them. So from now on, I will no longer be using this site's previous e-mail address. ohhla @ pobox.com is the only valid address to use to get a response about OHHLA. If you have concerns, comments or any questions, please use this address. Thank you.

Steve 'Flash' Juon: OHHLA Webmaster