OHHLA wants to verify the changes made unless the original typist of the lyrics is him/herself verifying those changes. Unsolicited FULL rewrites (without the line by line changes) will only be accepted in cases of gross inaccuracy (submitted to the webmaster for review). Please note that it's generally a good idea to wait at least one week after a lyric is posted before sending revisions so that a song can be fully inspected and multiple revisions are reduced.

Proper labelling for submission of corrections:

Artist: (stage name)
Album:  (source of the lyrics)
Song:   (song name)
Typed by: (THE ORIGINAL TYPIST'S e-mail address)

Do not use the parenthesis such as () - they are only an example.

Make line by line corrections, marking each this way:

WRONG: The rahp sakz fat =3p I mack mad loop
RIGHT: The rap stack's fat, I make mad loot

Corrections will be posted as time is available and changes can be verified. Please do not submit the same corrections multiple times.

Send your corrections to ohhla@pobox.com. Thanks for your assistance!