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Artist: Young Scooter f/ Gucci Mane, Wale
Album:  From the Cell Block to Your Block (Mixtape)
Song:   Pass Around
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Give me a truck load of pints nigga (work)
Black Nino gang, nigga we pass around plugs
That Karl Owen, that... (cladow!)
We pass around, pass around, pass around
We pass around e'rythang over here
Yo Wale, pass that bitch to Ross
Vanessa Adams, missy tell that bitch get lost

[Chorus: Gucci Mane]
We just pass around drank, e'rybody leanin' (leanin')
Pass around molly, e'rbody geekin' (geekin')
Pass around blunts, e'rybody chiefin' (let's go)
Pass around hoes, e'rybody freaky (fuck 'em)
We just pass around blunts, e'rybody chiefin' (chiefin')
Pass around drank, e'rybody leanin' (leanin')
Pass around molly, e'rbody geekin' (geekin')
Pass around bitches, e'rybody freaky (fuck 'em)

[Verse 1: Young Scooter]
From Mexico City, we pass around plugs
Young Scooter and Big Bank they passing out drugs (yeah)
Ridin' past the police, middle fingers up (fuck 'em)
I'm quarter back passin', only difference I'm throwin' drugs (touch down)
Gucci passed me a plug, I passed his ass a [?]
He wanna cut me off, Cause I keep fuckin' up the money (the money)
I passed him a lick, so I get half of the money
Magic City money, Scooter passin' out hunids
We passin' out pints, Free Decatur Ice
We passin' niggas hoes around, e'ry day and night (e'ry day and night)
Pass through security, no ID's I'm on the flights
Leanin' like a fool, keep about the dirty sprite (Young Scooter-Scooter)


[Verse 2: Gucci Mane]
Pass around bitches, Pass around triggers, Pass around a nigga
Cause I don't fuck with niggas
I might pass around yo sister, ol' hatin' ass nigga
Passin' around patron, I drink lean not liquor
I'm not a Ciroc boy, I'm a double block boy
And it's pimps ahoy, not chips ahoy, and I'm a Block Boy
I'm a pull up to the plane, in my drop top toy
Who might pass you the highway, you don't want it with ya boy
That's yo girl, now she's Georgia's most wanted with ya boy
Put them goons on ya, think yo house was haunted by ya boy
Sticks and stones can't break her bones, but these sticks will cut ya ass out
When they brought the news to yo baby mama, man she passed out!


[Verse 3: Wale]
We gon' pass around rola, and I
Pass around loud, and I'm thoroughly respected you can
Ask around town
Sippin' on brown, (work)
Puttin' my shit down
Y'all ain't fly, might as well drown
Y'all act drive like an impound (verrummm)
But already though
All my shows ready to go
All my soldiers trained to go
Album and my chain is gold
You don't want it
Me and Guwop
Cold stuntin'
Whole summer
Whole town
Ho we Third in goal
I'm a pass around lean
My Houston bitch gon'
Call me, passed her off to Andre
Never gave a [?]
Not like Andre and Big Boi
But like Outkast give her a good bone
Woo! Good God passin' around gift, passin' around
Flow (work)