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Artist: Your Favorite Martian f/ Wax
Album:  Stalkin' Your Mom (Video)
Song:   Stalkin' Your Mom
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I hope she's wearing that blue business suit today
What time is it? Six?
Just in time to hide in these bushes

[Chorus 2X: Wax]
Stalkin your mom; stalk stalk stalkin your
Stalkin your mom, stalkin stalkin your mom
Stalkin your mom; stalk stalk stalkin your
Stalkin your mom, stalkin your mom

[Verse One: Your Favorite Martian]
Ha ha, I've been stalkin your mom for like two years straight
I'm way too shy to ask her out on a date
So I just wait, in your neighbor's lawn
with my camera ready and my camouflage on.
And I know that I'll get plenty pics
when she leaves for work at exactly seven twenty-six
I follow her on my bike, but it's hopeless
Cause I'll never keep up with her Ford Focus
So I kidnapped her golder retriever
Wanted to return it just to please her
But forgot to feed her, taking care of a dog is hard
Gave it to her dead, said it got hit by a car


[Verse Two: Wax]
Yo, I dressed up as a pizza delivery guy
Show up at the door and give her a pie
She says, "I didn't order nuttin, you geek
You've been giving me free pizza like once a week~!"
Oops, so I disguise my voice with a device
So she don't know what my voice sounds like
So when I call like a telemarketer just to talk to her
she don't think the pizza guy is stalkin her
Sometimes I stay in my bathroom for days
Just looking at the scrapbooks I made
My life-size doll is almost there
I just need a couple more strands of hair


[Verse Three: Your Favorite Martian]
Aw, thanks for coming over man, it's gonna be a fun night
(Yeah man, no problem, man)
(Hey check it out, I got the new World of Warcraft weapon pack, dawg)
Aw, I love World of War.. Warcraft
(Yeah, yeah man, hey, what's this right here?)
Oh, that's just my yearbook (Your what~?!)
(Dude, dude)
(This is, this is my mom!)
(This is my mom in the shower!)
Nah nah (dude what eh what?)
I'm just