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Artist: Young Soldierz
Album:  Murder Was The Case O.S.T.
Song:   Eastside-Westside
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Eastside nigga, Westside nigga
Eastside nigga, Westside nigga
Eastside nigga, Westside nigga
Eastside nigga, Westside nigga

Here I come with a fourteen Mausberg
Pistol-whip pumped now punk fools finna get served
Chillin' in a cut ??? with my road dogs
Smokin a blunt
Now my car's full of 'erb smog
Gangsters in Watts they grew up by the gang shit
It's time to get paid deliver over a lil' famous
Some are still peacin', some ain't down with that peace trip
I'm rollin on D's, I got my 9 with them 1-6
Stupid busters come to ?? to show he's brave
But I'm afraid to beslave and that keeps me and 'em lookin off in the grave punk

G Pops once again I'm back
Fresh black Chuck still twisted off the Cognac
You messed up but you gave it your best the West side is the side
To place your ?Best Yet?
We're down with the set trip but if you want the funk
I draw down, pistol whip you then I take your lump
If it's trouble you want, fool grab your Glock
(It's the Westside Rider!) G Pops
I keep it goin if it's on and it's popping
Yes I fold you, win your soldiers

[REDRUM 781]
Still stuck on the streets starvin', stomach grumblin'
My knuckles mad scarred from all the rumblin, stumblin over bodies
Damn they almost got me good
Neither cops nor caps can neither stop me hood
Should I serve 'em and swervin' and skip town
Oh yeah, we're gone get down, fool you gonn' get clowned
How did you figure the trigger weapon wouldn't jump in all rounds
I'll be dumpin all slugs I'd be pumpin off
Pumpin Eastside-Westside to set it off
You got something on your chest, fool, let it off

Once again, once again, the Dogg is back
What's up to all the hookers and peace to the hoodrats
My hood is double 0 too ?popper? than tip-top
I got enough jackers'll get around like 2Pac
Damn, here comes the One-Time, what's it all about?
Throw the strap in the bushes, put the yay' in my mouth
Gotta get away, can't be goin to jail-in
Nothing but smooth sailin, uhh uhh uhh
The Westside got it poppin'
Fools steady droppin', young doggs are hoggs


Little homey who is true, nig' what's happenin?
Is you rollin' with the warriors? Yes it's on and crackin'
It's the kingpin gangster with no balls
At no cost a loud mouth I'll get ya broke off
Now we can step into the streets and we can chunk em
All I say is "Give me no hesitation, no way no dumpin"
As I bail down the vibe as a wild G
Nuthin but a dogg, but the projects is IN MEEEE!
And that's really all I know, Y-S to the brain
Eastside til I die, stayin real with this thang

[RED-RAG a.k.a BIG WY]
It's the Y-B-I-G, punks break wild
Watchin' gangster stumble bank, chippin off and say you lack
As I tweak in my seat on a new wild pact
Fools homicide, keepin' up the Westside
As you know I ain't no joke or no riddle
Quit when I set trip, bailin' up the middle (Y.G.)
They caught us first, we can never be no gentlemen
I wear Chucks, boxer trunks and a Pendleton
As I step, now I'm fresh out the shower
It's all the Westside, bustin' on my 80 Bower

Lil' Stretch here to face, come to check nuts
Layin 'em down so tell me now whose next up?
I'm hittin' corners in '4 ass lifted-up
Back to the Eastside fool as I hit you up
Big nuts, black Chucks and a fresh Glock
Fresh socks, khaki cut-offs and tank-tops
So if you really hear me fool, won't cha let me know
Roll up the window, fire up that endo
I'ma do the same as a wild G, throw back
To the Eastsiiiiide
Where we known to jack, huh


What's up trick? What's up trick?

Eastside Eastside
Westside Westside...