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Artist: Young Dro f/ Childish Gambino
Album:  FDB (S)
Song:   FDB (Remix)
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Chorus: Young Dro]
A bitch that holler 'bout "fuck me?"
Nah, fuck that bitch
Fuck that bitch, fuck that bitch
A bitch that holler 'bout "fuck me?"
Nah, fuck that bitch
Fuck that bitch, fuck that bitch
A bitch that holler 'bout "fuck me?"
Nah, fuck that bitch

[Verse 1: Young Dro]
Three, what you wanna do here?
Bitch, I'mma float like root beer
Still workin' on gettin' the Coupe cleared
You ain’t got none of my shoe gear
Red on the bottom, right, they're red
Shawty, she a model, her hair red
Bitch you ugly and bitch you ugly
And both y'all hoes look scary
I don’t wanna get married
Chick, you a bird - Parrot
I'm eatin' so good these hoes like
"Boy you're gettin' fat, eat salad"
I'm ridin' round and I'm gettin' it in and I'm bunkin'
Got your main bitch on my dick shit she ain’t nothin'
Her hips phat I seen her walk past I was like shit
She seen my Audemar she tried to touch that, I said "bitch?"
I bang hoes ridin' in the drop top Range Rove(r)
I train hoes, I’m a pimp, Trinidad James clothes

[Bridge: Young Dro]
West Side, Bankhead, is where I'm from
Everything y’all did has been done
My True game and my shoe game
You can’t touch that shit


[Verse 2: Gambino]
Eastside, Zone 6 where I'm from
Got a couple hundreds I'mma throw 'em like ones
Fuck her with a rubber, I ain't tryna have sons
Nigga mean-mugging, they don't really want none
Fuck it, I'm turnt up, too loud
Ratchet bitches won't do me
I'm like "What the hell I'mma do now?"
I'm rich, used to be poor
I don't really trust 'em if I met 'em on tour
Bought a new house, livin' on the top floor
Elevator go (BING) when you at the front door
I ain't never do chores, I ain't never do trash
I ain't made no beds, got a maid with an ass
Put 'em on blast, I don't give a fuck
Got a bad bitch like she peed on the rug
I used to live off of Candler in '88 like piano
I'll put your girlfriend on camera
I see the future, Ciara
Molly all in her champagne, she knew it
Big Sean that baby moms, I do it
Fuck that bitch with a broken dick, I love my new girl
She don't talk shit, she don't act extra
She just give brain and the brain so MENSA
Put her in the game, but a nigga might bench her
I don't pay attention, I don't even text her
She wanna talk shit, but then have a friendship
Fuck you, bitch, and I hope you offended