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Artist: Young Buck f/ D-Tay
Album:  T.I.P.
Song:   All About Money
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[Young Buck]
You a thug like me

[Verse 1]
You can catch me green stick it up
Dick it up
Cut a nigga shit over 50 bucks
Need work on the low nigga hit me up
Never quick enough after pickin up
Feds on a nigga block ridiculous
Cuz the game done brought all our shit to us
I done bit the dust-countinus
Now I ride double ? to the ind you bust
Oh no wrong move if my ind you touch
17 but its real when you playin with much
one in the chamber on the table when you chillin for lunch
and head up with your door open feelin your blunt
where im from 20 gone by the end of the month
i get drunk smoke the weed to the end of the blunt
Make sure 10 shells done been in the pump
if its on-first draw thats a nigga wit luck
all niggaz playin games start endin 'em up
Cause your block young buck will start bendin 'em up
as soon as your adrenaline pump
make way dear lord cause im sendin 'em up

[Chorus x2]
Its all about money
gettin major paid
stack your cheese in all different ways
tote your strap and keep your khakis creased
yeah nigga, you a thug like me?

[Verse 2-D-tay]
They call me D-tays up
get 'em up put the aks on
let 'em know we don't play sir
anybody in the way gets sprayed brah
anybody in the way gets sprayed brah
wanna play rough?
y'all cats wanna play tough
Tay wanna spray stuff, erase stuff
niggaz wanna start shit with they gun then run
Tay don't wanna chase ya
Bullets wait ta, replace ya
hit 'em with the shells of the 45
make 'em all duck, with the four-five buck
put 'em all up
got 2 so we got you but we don't give a fuck
seals comin gunnin out the cut
spittin at you cats
spittin 50 rounds like im spittin on a track
y'all niggaz know that you can't hold that
ima spit the gat 'til the gat click-clat
then chit chat
niggaz gun learn that you beef with this here this heat gone burn
ima show ya cats how to bus y'all guns
hit a nigga up and leave his ass left numb
dont play with me
you know I spray the heat
The A.K. gun niggaz down fatefully
you think expectfully, just wait and see
young buck and D-tay nigga ready to g
If it pays to be, the boss in the cause
my gun so big gotta limp when I walk
Dont talk the talk cause T.I.P. we comin
First go about money

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3-Young Buck]
Its all bout thuggin
gettin paid and shit
you either slang the dope or hit major licks
thats why all my niggaz be sevin bricks
y'all gunna see what we workin with
not me baby doll
i ain't hurtin for shit
G.S. 400 with a leather kit
oh you don't wanna holla?
well whatever bitch
dont say shit when the bezzle flip
see a nigga tote straps for the hell of it
I ain't givin a fuck about jealous shit
And I don't smoke weed for the smell of it
Just before I kill, I inhale the shit
You can't trail me bitch I be in 50 states
Paranoid, with about 50 cakes
once a nigga find out its all heart no shake
thats when I infest the place
im thugged out
up in the drug house
got it all-from the beer to a quarter ounce
we da real ass niggaz, all work no slouch
can I get that there? all that count
all they amount
but when it go down and a nigga make all ya say all that out
what you gunna do nigga what you about
either ride or die, when im raised in the south
love the block, when a nigga wake up, I wash my face and then hug my glock
brush my teeth and scream south side, smoke a blunt and put on my socks
but it still don't stop, from dusk to dawn
a nigga been out here on his own-livin day to day
see im only 17 but a nigga out here just gains farm