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Artist: Young Buck f/ D-Tay
Album:  T.I.P.
Song:   All My Life
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Now we can't lose (fo' sho')
Ya'll niggaz wanna know what we did this is what we did nigga

[Verse 1: Young Buck]
Extended the family world-wide, recruited a couple comrades
I was a chosen one due to my chrome gats
Bad ass lil' nigga wit a trash bag now I gotta confess it
Every day arrested
Niggaz wanna test this to get at the hoes
So even mamma stay invested, damn that's cold
Bitches 17 years old round 100 kilos
Half of y'all pickin' pot out your nose with afros
Rollin' with the big boys soakin up game
And we'll be back seat with the cardier frames
The easier it got nigga the harder it came
But I stayed in the game
That's the heart in this mayne
There'll be hell on earth if I stay in the game
Talk about kickin' up dirt like the broncos plane
Call me the macho man when it comes to dirty ways
A hato's man feel crime don't pay

[Chorus: Young Buck]
All my life I visualized me handlin' mine
And fuck waitin, cause god ain't promising time
So now I'm drawin' a line before I get to far behind
Lord if I'm lyin' strike me down on time

[Verse 2: D-Tay]
The last verse I wrote, I burned my hand
Cause there's only so much heat, that my hand can stand
I'm too hot to spit that
You not you get that
Don't get to height, or this glock'll click back
I bitch smack niggaz and I ain't that mean
My chopper gon do you proper look at what that did
I'm clip flipin', pistol grippin', dippin', set trippin'
Believe me you don't wanna see me wit the 4tec spittin'
You bull-shittin'
I'm just goin' live by you guys
My whole team roll me homey, ride or die
Ridin' high
Sheaf and do-do like I'm in Cali
I'm type this one for the block and blast from the alley
I'm raw wit it Tony Montana, extra banana
Interstate from my way down to Atlanta, comes from a scanna
Just crossed the Tennessee line
All my life I visualized me handlin' mine (what)

[Young Buck]
It's all for one and one for all nigga


[Verse 3: Young Buck]
Now let ya nuts hang nigga
Start up the engine in the cut thang nigga
Brang pain to these niggaz
Ice on my trigga finga
Let the world know, I'm a balla when I came for the scrilla
Gorilla they gon label me
Aint no way y'all bitches gon disable me, put me on cable TV
Peace treaties ain't accepted here, blood-bath
Split him in half now nigga from his feet to his ear

[Verse 4: D-Tay]
If I don't know ya then its fuck ya, we ain't talkin shit out
Catch me at ya people, we jus sparkin shit out
Yea I'm so hood, that bullshit you spittin ain't no good
I bust a nigga weave, act like poppin a car hood
You want ya gurl back, pay the fee and its all good
Until I cop a 7-series beamer wit all wood
My whole team makin riches we shinin, we ball good
You can boss and Young Buck'll catch us our hood