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Artist: Young Buck
Album:  Buck the World
Song:   Lose My Mind
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Yeah man is like I don't been through so much man
I don't see so much shit out here man
All this material shit man this shit don't mean shit to me man
You know its like I done did so much man I aint got no shit to show for it man
Fuck The World man, naw Buck the world, yeah Buck the world I like that, yeeaah

[Verse 1]
Everybody trying to KILL me
I don't have no friends
I'm by myself in this muthafucking Benz
Don't you TEST me, nothings going right and yeah I wanna fight
So im jumping in the night you gonna RESPECT me
I don't wanna talk my nerves bad and I having suicidal thoughts
Somebody WATCHING me I can feel the heat who ever in here is scared
I can hear they heart beat and they aint no STOPPING me
I'm out of control like a nigga locked up then just got out of the hole
What they DO TO ME, put me in this game give me all this fame
And expect for me to change my fuckin mind

You motherfuckers don't know me (Let's go)
You motherfuckers don't know me (Yeah)
You motherfuckers don't know me (Come on)
You motherfuckers don't know me

[Verse 2]
I am not going to jail, we gonna smoke our weed
We don't need no help, you don't wanna fuck with me
I do not tell, ya wont get enough
I'm from the neighborhood where we throw the first punch
Get out my way, I had a bad day
My brother wouldn't have died if I had my AK, ya don't feel me
I am on the edge, so when I woke up on the wrong side of the bed
You don't love me, You just like my car
And if I ever went broke you find another star
Don't you touch me, I don't need a wife
I love my lil girl but her momma needs a life