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Artist: Young Buck f/ DJ Paul
Album:  Dead Or Alive 12"
Song:   Dead or Alive (Fuck the Police)
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[Intro] (DJ Paul)
Ayo Paul what up nigga?
(Buck, whats goin' on baby)
Ayo nigga you know, you been knowin' a nigga since he was knee-high
you know what I'm sayin'
Its like I'm down here in Cashville
I got this motherfucker off the chain ya know what I'm sayin'
We trappin' heavy, we 'bout to run this muh'fucka hot
Im comin up to the M-Town to fuck witchu homie
(I got you nigga, from Cashville to M-Town)

[Chorus: Young Buck] + (DJ Paul)
They'll neva take me alive, I ain't goin back to jail
The money lookin' good I got dope to sell
Fuck The Police, nigga fuck the police (Them niggas love to hate)
Fuck The Police, nigga fuck the police (Them niggas love to hate)
You can't catch me, you can't hold me
You can't find me, 'cause you don't know me
Fuck The Police, nigga fuck the police (Them niggas love to hate)
Fuck The Police, nigga fuck the police (Them niggas love to hate)

[Verse 1]
First ima get a key, here I go, rememba me?
I took it from my enemy, left him in his Bentley seat
Never should have let me go, I done got my mind right
And even though I'm on parole, somebody gon' die tonight
Cutlass got the dark tints, fuck it we gon' park then
See who sittin on 26's then we gon' rob them
Holla at a couple bitches, know who we are man?
Some real niggas, I'm a ghetto superstar man
Now set it off, break 'em off, fuck some handcuffs
Stand up, and what, nigga man up
Walk out the courtroom feelin' like O.J
I got my knife in the club if you wanna play


[Verse 2]
Will you step out of the car sir? Why you pull me over?
Looked him in his eye then took his head off his shoulders
Cocaine dreams I can see me runnin' the team
Some butt-naked bitches packin' grams of that green
Bustin' their patrol cars from the project roof-tops
Gotta keep 'em outta here so that we can move the rocks
Mafia, militant like a black panther
Im like a young Huey Newton in a black Phantom
Yo we shootin (yo we shootin), and recruitin (and recruitin)
Startin' riots (startin' riots), That's how we do it (that's how we do it)
And I'm not turnin' myself in so stop askin'
We hop out blastin', and walk out laughin'


Wussup all my real niggas and real bitches!
It feels good to be in yall city tonight!
Now, I need everybody to put they trigger fingers in the air!
And repeat after me!
You got a gun, bitch I got a gun too {Repeat 3x}


Yea (Yea)
Ayo man, I just felt like, I need to let the world know..
Ya know, fuck L.A.P.D. man, fuck N.Y.P.D. man, ya know what I mean
Matter of fact, fuck the country ass police in Cashville, nigga, Yea!
And you can try to pull a nigga over and all that
But I tell my niggas, nigga we shoot back!
So you know, when you see me swangin' nigga..
Handlin' my business, mindin' my own business
Stay the fuck out my way nigga!
HAHA!!! Cashville Records nigga! We get money though!
Fuck The Police!!!
They'll Never Take Me Alive!!!