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Artist: Young Buck
Album:  Chronic 2006 Mixtape
Song:   Vibe Awards Skit
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Ha ha!
Welcome back to the annual Vibe Awards
I'm your host "Phillip Ondeez"
  And I'm your co-host "Jack Offden"
And it's a beautiful day here in L.A.
where we're enjoying the annual Vibe Awards!
And I must say hey there's some bad bitches in here
Wouldn't you say Jack?
  A whole lot of hoochie fritas I'm saying
Couple of Crips, got a couple of Bloods in the building
Piru yay yay he...
  Hey I think we've spotted a few stars here
No doubt about it Jack
There's Vivica Fox, hanging out with yet ANOTHER rapper
  There's R. Kelly with his daughter!
I don't think that's his daughter
  That's mah... my fuckin heat...
Hold that thought Jack!
It seems that they're about to hand out their next award
Let's go to the stage where we'll find Whoo Kid's best friend
Michael Jackson about to hand out the next award

[Michael Jackson impression]
Heyyy! Shout out to Whoo Kid
Soda-pump, soda-pizzle, soda-pizzle 'til you get a pop
Don't stop 'til your soda pop!
Sodaaaaaaaaaaaaa, soda-pizzle now
I love you too little boy {*explosion*}