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Artist: Young Buck f/ Shannon Sanders
Album:  Chronic 2006
Song:   Niggas a Change on You
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Aye yo, God bless the child who can hold on his own
Holla back!

[Verse 1]
Tha game been good to me
Im still runnin 'round where I use to be
Tha projects, where we move the Ki's (Yeah!)
Trynna tear down the bricks, we refuse to leave
See regardless, I'ma do my thang
I don't care whudd set'chu claim, I just met'chu mayn'
Be happy that I let'chu slang
'Cause if I let Tek know, he gon' buss' ya brain
And if all y'all niggas out here wanna git it (Whudd)
Holla G-Unit South, lemme know you wit' it (Let's Goo!)
Shit 'bout to git crazy in a minute
Dat's why my bitch purse got a .380 in it (Aye!)
I'ma give niggas one mo' chance
We coo' but I ain't shakin' no hands (Nah!)
Next time you won't hear 'bout whateva gon' happen
My album went platinum I found out

Niggas a change on you, so hard to keep friends
Seem like I can't find nobody, but I ain't got no ends
Niggas a change on you, dat's why we bet these hoes
Soon as a nigga gotta let up somethang, it's when they let me know
A brother done changed on you

[Verse 2]
I'm all by myself in this Benz (Yuh!!)
Glock gotta extended clip on the end
Priest 'bout to come home from the pen (Aye!)
I'ma make sure he never touch a bird again (Yo!)
Motherfuckers ack like I don't deserve to win
Niggas claim they Kin but I ain't heard of dem (Like!)
Like I ain't hit the block and put work in (Like!)
Like I ain't still gittin' dem pounds of purp in (Owhh!)
Say wutchu wann' but my bills is paid
I'm not trynna be 35, still on stage (Haha)
Shit was all good but he turned his back
Dem niggas stayed wit' him didn't learn from that (C'monn!)
Tha tables turned, I went and got me a pack
So I could give a damn what you say on +Smack+ (Nigga!)
You know whudd it is and ya know where I'm at
Phureal, don't make me snap 'cause


Aye yo, shout out to all the DJ's, stand down wit' Tha Unit!!
I see y'all!!