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Artist: (Young Buck f/) Jamie Foxx
Album:  Chronic 2006 Mixtape
Song:   Chronic 2006 (Intro)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Jamie Foxx]
Yo whassup? This is Jamie Foxx
This is a new one from Young Buck
Hey Young Buck! Just take a stab at some new stuff baby
We just takin a stab at it baby
It's goin down {*echoes*}

{*Dolby Surround Sound audio effect*}

[miscellaneous people talking]
God damn - hey whassup nigga?
{*car hydraulics jump*}
Ay nigga that's Young Buck nigga!
{*people get excited as car jumps*}
Whoa nigga!
Think you chipped the chrome off the shoes nigga!
Sheeit {*echoes*}