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Artist: Young Buck f/ Stat Quo
Album:  Straight Outta Ca$hville
Song:   Walk With Me
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Buck] G-UNIT!!
[Stat] G-Unit nigga
[Buck] Shady/Aftermath in this bitch
[Stat] OHH!
[Buck] Young Buck, Stat Quo
[Stat] Ya understand me nigga?
[Buck] Ay nigga, they say we're the new kings of the South
[Stat] That's what they say
[Buck] A-T-L to Ca$hville

[Young Buck]
I've been patiently waitin to blow
But still on the block with the 'K and the coke
See the Mexicans love me, they tell me keep on doin it homes
They never seen a nigga go get and bring it back home
I don't want 9 of them zones, I want the whole thang
G-UNIT!!  We done started out own gang
We ain't playin no games, duct tape him and take him to the hood
Don't get no blood on my leather and wood, make it look good
for the block, I be puttin in work, handlin my business
I been on my knees, askin my homeboys who did this
So FUCK THAT, that's why I bust back
Spit my bars, get off tour, then go cook crack
Look at me now BITCH, you don't know how rich
Lloyd Banks, Yayo, 50 Cent, Game nigga, or I'll get
Salute a soldier when you see me
And I ain't one of them niggaz out here stuntin for TV
I gotta keep it gangsta

[Chorus: Young Buck - repeat 2X]
Now I can show you how to put in work
And move them birds, I do that dirt, now all my real niggaz
walk with me (yea), just walk with me (yea)
Walk with me (yea), c'mon walk with me (yea)

[Stat Quo]
Yeah!  The bigger the cap, the bigger the peelin
Won't stop 'til these bustaz is kneelin, my cash to ceiling
Bad bitches I'm drillin, me sittin on millions
Fuck what you feelin violate my space, bear witness to killin
Stat a dog for a dollar cause he known to fetch
My account, resemble Spandex, cause how they stretch
Faggot play like parades and step
When the AK's and tecs show up, they so quick to ho up
But hold up!  When the Clampetts appear, they show up
Sayin that snitch song shit, you ol' pussy-ass bitch
E'rytime you leave the house you get your ass whipped
Now why hustle at all, when you hustle backwards?
The mo' money I get, mo' niggaz be hatin
I light fire to your ass, they be callin you Satan
G 'em in my organization, my obligation
is to spit that shit, cause the streets is waitin - yea!


[Young Buck]
I'm, showin no love to these cowards, I don't give a fuck
Shady/Aftermath, G-Unit nigga we'll hit you up
Country as I wanna be, but gangsta as they come
Loose lips sink ships, snitches die where I'm from
Get your gun off safety if you plan on livin
Don't make me cock it and pop it, I'll knock your head off with it
Yeah I said I did it, cause I did, and I'm doin it
Done came too far to let you bitch niggaz ruin it

[Stat Quo]
Yeah!  Every word I utter is simply octane
I keeps it gutter, your boy's a boss mayne
And main thang, keep the main thang to maintain
Stack cheese, good Franks be hotter than hot wangs
Niggaz claimin they hard, we know you a square
Shorty treat guns like tires, I keeps a spare
Save them games for the arcade, ain't no scare
And we prepared for problems, cause we right here - yea!


[Buck] How y'all sees that?
[Stat] A-T-L shawty!  Understand me nigga?
[Stat] Ca$hville yeah, G-Unit nigga!
[Stat] G-Unit my motherfuckin squad nigga!
[Stat] Shady/Aftermath nigga
[Stat] Oooh they be cuttin the motherfuckin checks nigga
[Stat] I ride big nigga, I got my chains danglin nigga
[Stat] And I got a bitch danglin off my balls, ya understand me?
[Buck] Dre and Em, man they gotta love this..