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Artist: Young Buck f/ 50 Cent
Album:  Straight Outta Cashville
Song:   I'm a Soldier
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[Young Buck]
Aye, I hope you motherfuckers out there brought an extra clip
Hit the lights nigga, let them niggaz go right there
It's about to go down
Welcome to Cashville motherfuckers
*glass shatters*

[50 Cent]

[Chorus: 50 Cent] (2x)
I'm a soldier, I done told ya
Don't make me fuck you up
Leave your head bust, or my head bust
Man I don't give a fuck

[Young Buck]
I'm come from a small town where organized crime is the rule
You kill niggaz without permission, niggaz gon' kill you
We bang the rags too, red and blue
This shit ain't out only there on the west side fool
Surrounded by section eight houses in the projects
A place where you make the wrong turn, you get robbed next
We all targets, standin' out on the street corner
That's why you see the lil' kids with the heat on ‘em
Police pull out, hop out but they can't catch us
They never even get a chance to say “Drop your weapons”
Liquor stores never close, the whole hood high
Niggaz know when it's war the whole hood ride
We on that Bishop in Juice shit
I put this fo'-five in yo' mouth like a toothpick, you bitch
The south ain't safe no mo' so get a gun
And pray to God you make it to see twenty-one

[Chorus] (2x)

[Young Buck]
You gon' make me crawl through your backyard and cut off your light switch
Kick in your back door and take all that white shit
Niggaz know what to do when I'm around
Go put your pack up and pick up your fo' pound
It's ‘bout to go down, Buck back on that bullshit
He even got his baby mama walkin' with a full clip
Fucked a couple of R&B hoes, but now it's back to the hood rats
They lick a nigga dick quick and know where that good at
Money don't make a nigga change
It's just the niggaz that ain't never had nothin' start doin' strange thangs
They say I must like beef
‘Cause 50 got fifty enemies, but if they fight him they gotta fight me
Come ridin' through these dirt roads
And let me show you how puttin' in work goes
The fo'-fo' bulldog small enough to fit in a nigga boot
So it's wherever, whenever, whatever you wanna do nigga

[Chorus] (2x)

[50 Cent]
I'm a soldier
Left, right
Left, right
Left, right
I'm a soldier
Left, right
Left, right
Left, right
I'm a soldier