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Artist: Young Buck
Album:  Case Dismissed
Song:   Shout Out to Pimp C & Project Pat!!
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Young Buck]
And ay nigga, I need niggaz to take they fuckin hat off
Cause you know why? Pimp C is motherfuckin home BITCH~!
That's my motherfuckin homeboy, and we doin it big
Shoutout to Bun B nigga, I see you nigga!
That's how real niggaz hold they motherfuckin homies down nigga!
And I LOVE it nigga
And any nigga hatin on it
Nigga you'll get it nigga
Shoutout to Pimp C, and Project Pat nigga
That Tennessee shit nigga, they all comin back nigga
They here now nigga, they at home
My brother get out the penitentiary soon
And he ain't no rapper
Nigga - he a trapper!
So the streets 'bout to feel it nigga
Priest! I see you!
Lil' Jimmy I see you!
Nigga - I see my niggaz when they get home
And you know it's gon' have a ribbon on that bitch
Waitin outside of the penitentiary nigga
Whatever you want nigga
Holla at a real nigga
In your mouth, bitch!