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Artist: Young Jeezy f/ Birdman
Album:  The Real Is Back 2 (Mixtape)
Song:   Trump
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Came through wyling in the Valley
And the shit I'm smoking on come from cali
Inhale, exhale, need an ashtray
Paid for a Lamborghini with my ashtray

Richest nigga in my hood: call me Donald Trump
The type that count my money while I smoke a blunt
Pull up and serve a nigga 9 with the pump

Keep that money on my mind, kilo in the trunk
Kilo in the trunk, I got a kilo in the trunk
Richest nigga in my hood, I'm the Donald Trump
Pull up and serve a nigga 9 with the pump

2.5 for the condo
Neighbors think I play ball: they call me Rondo
Top of the world, nigga fuck a hater
I'm the shit nigga, Louis V toilet paper
Now everything's platinum, fuck a silver spoon
I can watch a Braves game from my living room
2 AK's by my shark tank
Only feed them Rose, That's what my sharks drink
Got a red bitch, all she wear is red bottoms
Red forgys on the Rarri, we call em red bottoms
200 Inch screen take up the whole wall
And when I send my bitch to shop she get the whole mall


I should paint it camouflage and call it "Rambo"
Young flying flashy, Hes the ladies choice
I'm 'bout to buy the Hawks, In my birdman's voice
Got a hundred put away, for my Louis V
Thats a hundred for the case, Cuz the Louis was free
I'm into big boy salary, It got hundreds in it
My new crib in Atlanta. , It got hundreds in it
I felt sorry for my maid, I gave that girl a raise
She said you got too many J's, I be cleaning for days
200 Inch screen take up the whole wall
And when I send my bitch to shop, She get the whole mall
And when I send my pistol


Ducktape the work, Bird's going to work
Shittin' on the work, puttin in the work
Majored in the game, dumping out a Range
Moving whole things, Spittin' fire flames
Hittin em high and low, fuck goin' to court
Picture no-show, Trunk full of dope
Higher than a feeling, Money is the word
Kill em where he stand, Hit em with some birds
Chicken in the coup, Landed in the sand (Sand)
Money, Tool in hand (hand), Execute the plan (plan)
Hundred Thousand whips (whips), Garbage full of cash (cash)
Donald Trump shit, Blood rich gang