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Artist: Young Jeezy f/ 211
Album:  The Real Is Back 2 (Mixtape)
Song:   Bandana
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Intro: Young Jeezy]
Gangsta grillz you bastards yea

I said I pull up in that Bentley like phantom of the opera
We in the coupe strapped 2 deep, me and my partner
Try us if you want boy, you gon' need a doctor
So what you niggas want boy? Bandana on the Choppa!

[Chorus: x2]
Bandana on the Choppa, Bandana on the Choppa
Pull up in that Bentley like phantom of the opera

[Young Jeezy]
Do it like my uncle Bo Slick back in '86, How?
First nigga talk slick he gettin' 86'ed
Fuck you worrying bout me go suck a baby dick
yea we know your whole crew soft as baby shit
One time for my GT got it washed up
two from the line get ya' Chris Boshed up
with this choppa in my hand bitch I'm like LeBron
had this motherfucker singing like he's [?]
Yea I'm know to keep the heat call me D. Wade
when them numbers super sweet I got D paid
when I said the Real is Back it's like they saw a ghost
(? to unload it we hit platinum and bought a bar of soap?)


[Chorus: x2]

Active young ridda', bandana round the choppa
got a hundred in that shit shoot every nigga on your roster
loud by the pound got me smokin' like a rasta
flag to the right I'm just a gangbang MONSTA!
Duece 11 get it rockin' like I'm lobster
organized crime I'm getting money like a mobster
fuck around and take your baby mama hostage
whole 11 650 and yea that bitch topless
100 miles an hour blowin' smoke up out the cockpit
ask me what it do I tell em' trying to make a block flip
go ahead and blow it on the bottle I'm a stack mine
and if a nigga got a problem, yea, flat line...


[Chorus: x4]

Goose what up! Shout to Stackman, East side what's happenin