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Artist: Young Jeezy
Album:  The Real Is Back (Mixtape)
Song:   The Real Is Back
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Same dramas that's on my momma, I serve them like benihana
Set the numbers down they ate em up like they piranhas
You swear I had the whole hood biting like them iguanas
Had them chicken tenders all lined up like the Mcdonald's
Up early thuggin cookin this breakfast in my pajamas
Dropped a thousand but I lost 28 at least I'm honest
Man these niggas lying all on tracks all on wax
We don't wanna hear your imagination just state facts
Nigga either you did or you didn't just don't lie
Nigga either you was or you wasn't just don't lie
Use to cop them bitches 3 at a time call that a trio
And if they jump then fuck you to just like I'm cee-lo
What you know about so many bricks fill up a neo
Shit I meant neon run it back like I'm Deon
Treat them just like Pacqiuao they got a weight in
Can't even come outside they gotta stay in
Can't put me off in the game i gotta play then
Try to get that playdo but nah don't play though
Gotta a case of calling your phone whats the connection
Hangup fuck figurin it out bad reception
And you ain't gotta be a detective just to detect it
Any nigga lie to your face how you respect him
In the kitchen cussin the pot like my baby momma
The four way lockin the right thats baby drama
Make me start deporting you niggas just like I'm Castro
Any nigga play both sides he Donnie Brasco
And I ain't seen when I was makin them movies like Tarantino
Last time telling you shit bigger than nino (bigger than nino)
Ask G-money spend it all fuckin night like the shit was free money
Like my My face on it like the shit was me money
If the dogs hit the bag then you know its D-money
You know I run this shit like Marlow these niggas Avon
Had my auntie selling that shit like it was avon
Yall know whats real or whats fake that's old shake
What you call it when you whipping that thang vanilla shake
What you call it when you whipping that thang vanilla smoothie
Call that shit with jump back vanilla oooo-weee
Snow is you worried bout niggas I'm like fuck no
Straight up outta Locash these niggas Gusto
And I don't give a fuck if its been bout 10 years I can come back 10 years and find cheers
All I need trap life cross my belly a Makaveli coupe got pasta seats look like spaghetti
Yall ain't ready clips long as machetes I said yall ain't ready clips long as machetes
Used to drive a 500 to school could fuck the teacher
1st thing she said in the morning turn off your beeper
Excuse me miss I'm tryna be P or Jay-Z if you think I'm missin out on this money you crazy
And all these niggas talkin these diamonds apraise me
See I'm the one that made it straight it out the streets they praise me
All I know one way trap and thats hard and so I trap hard and that made me a trap god
Bow down and kiss the chucks of Bruce Leroy sell 10 mil tomorrow I'm still a D-boy
The real is back