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Artist: Young Jeezy
Album:  Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101
Song:   Go Crazy
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[Young Jeezy]
Guess who's bizzack (Back)
Still smell the blow in my clothes
Like Krispy Kreme, I was cookin them O's (Cookin them O's)
Like Horse shoes, I was tossin them O's
Time to re-up gotta recycle the flow (Cycle the flow)
I'm emotional (I hug the block)
Aye, I'm so emotional (I love my glock)
Cash rules everything around me, so what's realer?
Bout the skrilla, call me a ghostface killa (Yep)
It's kinda hard to be drug-free
When Georgia Power won't give a nigga lights free
Switch hustle, been killin 'em ever since (Since)
It pays to tell the truth dawg, it only makes sense

When they play a new Jeezy all the dope boys go crazy (Chea!)
and watch the dope boys go crazy!
I pop my collar then I swing my chain
You can catch me in the club, pimpin doin my thang (Aye...)
When they play a new Jeezy all the dope boys go crazy
and watch the dope boys go crazy!
you pop ya collar then you swing ya chain
for all the gangstas in the street that be doin they thang, Aye!

[Young Jeezy]
Won't stop til my whole team in thug mansions (Chea)
And I say I like Pac, now that's a thug's passion (Ha ha!)
And this the realist shit I ever wrote
And all eyes on me, like a microscope
Young Jeezy give 'em one more chance
Tried to shine like you, and spent his whole advance (Aye...)
Like my main man Pulla, talk real slick
Look I'm ok, but my watch sick
Yean gotta like a nigga, just respect my mind
and this how I'm eatin now, so respect my grind (Spect my grind)
The way I put them words together
'Minds me how I used to put them birds together


[Young Jeezy]
Buy 18 the hard way (Let's get it!)
Have a humble nigga thinkin about gun play (Chea)
Now who the fuck wanna play wit guns?
Alotta holes, alotta blood dawg, the shit ain't fun (Nope)
So I suggest you don't play wit my chains
I'll send these hollows atcha, let 'em play wit ya brain (That's right....)
These streets is watchin, The name is warm
The product's white, A star is born (Yeah...)
Pimpin I'm so fly, If I take this parachute off, I might fall and die (Damn...)
Wrap the work like spandex wit the latex (Chea)
The we ship it out of town, call it safe sex (Aye....)