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Artist: Young Sicc f/ VMF
Album:  Spread The Word
Song:   We Came To Party
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[Young Sicc]
Woo, yeah
Young Sicc, back up in the house
Representing San Diego, Killafornia
You know what I'm saying, we came to party y'all
Those of y'all that don't wanna party, need to exit
You know what I'm saying
And for all you ladies up in here being stuck up
You need to find an exit cuz we came to party
Check it out dog
It's like bang to the boogie, boogie to the bang
Stepped up on stage, ladies screaming my name
You know the game that we kick dog, we come correct
Ain't no need to player hate dog, what you expect
Ey what's up baby boo, I seen you all staring
Got a woody in my pants from the clothes that you're wearing
Sucking on that lollipop, knowing that you're hot
Thick brown ass, nice dress with cheetah spots
G'd up like a villain, I'm chilling with this forty
Posted at the spot, screaming 'where the party at'
But knowing damn well that everybody's at downtown clubbing
Trying to pick up on the Highland cats
Spitting at my homeboy, I'm spitting at your homegirl
Drink up on the liquor guaranteed to get it on girl
Cuz we could just boogie all night
Party people need to scream if you're feeling alright, cuz

[Chorus: VMF]
We came here to party
We came to party
Sipping on the bomb and boogie all night long
We came here to party
We came to party
Sipping on the bomb and boogie all night long

[Young Sicc]
You say you heard of me, you heard of Young Sicc? Well that's me
You say you saw me in the clubs last week
Touching anaconda, calling me a nasty freak
Slip my paws through your draws, squeezing on the ass cheeks
Now if you wanna flirt, baby girl we can play
But watch how you play when I'm sipping on the bombay
Mixed with minute maid like my dog GPA
See we out getting pussy, we out getting paid
All deep up in the cut, doggy dogs give it up
Toss your hood to the moon, got you moving to the tune
Plenty ass in the room, got me adventuring
Numbers on the palm with more ladies entering
Tell me can I get that, tell me can I hit that
Won't take long before Sicc gone get with that
Spit that game like a true player do
Mob up in the spot and this is what we say fool

[Young Sicc]
We +Boogie Down+ like +Productions+ so check your function
It's only mandatory that we keep the crowd bumping
Jumping, hitting like a six-four Impala
Kicking it with us, cuz we're the big ballers
Hittman with a couple grand, flash in the hand
Ain't no youngsters in the club, just some grown ass men
Two-one years or older, soldiers all around
Love the way you shake it baby, move it up and down
Got that ass all wiggling, titties all jiggling
Laughing and giggling, body all sizzling
Stepping on Timberlands, bumping, grinding
Thoughts up in the head got me thinking dirty minded
Eses deep, Rips in the house
San Diego area known to put it down
Club hopping downtown, now what we gonna do
Is it E Street Alley or is it Blue Tattoo, cuz

[Chorus x2]